Group picture, September 2015


Graduate students Andrew Hunt and Jacques Kumutima have received Rackham Summer Awards! Congratulations!

Welcome to our new graduate students Corey White, Max Bilodeau and Molly MacInnes!

Amy's paper on the first high-spin non-heme iron {FeNO}6 complex was just accepted in Angewandte!

A. L. Speelman, B. Zhang, C. Krebs, N. Lehnert, Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of a High-Spin {FeNO}6 Complex with an Iron(IV)-NO- Electronic Structure, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, in press.

Graduate student Matt Wolf was recently published in Science:

T. Wongnate, D. Sliwa, B. Ginovska, D. Smith, M. W. Wolf, N. Lehnert, S. Raugei, S. W. Ragsdale, The Radical Mechanism of Biological Methane Synthesis by Methyl-Coenzyme M Reductase, Science 2016, 352, in press

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