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The Aspen “Observatory”
by John Causland

Aspen Observatory

High Power Telescope for Public Use

Well, fellow Lowbrows, I’ve been doing some occasional cosmic duty from up here at 11,000 feet. A bit of light pollution, but as you can see from the accompanying photos, I did find some McMath vintage equipment to wow the public with. Must have a light ordinance in place now as most are full cutoff.

More so, I discovered that our ski club condo units happened to overlook a ravine with a river and NO lights across it. Better yet, an adjoining upscale condo unit had big back decks and no tenants. Funny how motivated Lowbrows can get. Let’s see, big deck right there, just climb up a few feet and over the rail and no one’s home, and there are wooden “sun” lounges all over the place.... Temptation overwhelmed me, though I was equipped only with the Pocket PC edition of The Sky. 20 some degrees and perpetually clear sky here all week, all bundled up in the face of crystal clear Rocky Mountain high sky.

Ok, get this - there are mirror image asterisms. First, of Castor, Pollux, a small star and Jupiter. Compare to Regulus and the shoulder/chest stars in Leo. All right, ya have to find something interesting. But the beehive really stuck out too. Again, no luck with the Horsehead....

Sorry to miss our old favorite speaker at Sat AM Physics. But Snowmass will be calling on our sixth and last day of ski/snowboarding. Best of Mich luck for the open house from 6 clear ones in a row here -

Scopeless Andy

Aspen Tee-Shirt

Photo Credits

The photographs on this page were taken by John Causland, March 2005.

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