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Open Houses at Peach Mountain Observatory (July 2007)

This page shows photographs from an open house at Peach Mountain Observatory (located near Dexter, Michigan).

Dave #1

This photo show an open house on July 7, 2007. Dave Snyder is setting up the traffic control system (actually just some traffic cones and sawhorses). Because the McMath was not operational, we had been asking people to park down the road from the place they usually park, and the barricades were needed to prevent cars from getting too close to where the telescopes were set up.

Dave #2

Dave #3

The Lowbrows are a member of the Night Sky Network (NSN). We are provided with various “toolkits” which demonstrate astronomical principles.

The photos above were taken later in the evening (also on July 7th), and show Dave Snyder using one of these toolkits, Shadows and Silhouettes. This particular demonstration shows the scale of the Earth/Moon system, the difference between a lunar and solar eclipse and why eclipses do not occur every month (see The Night Sky Network Info page for more information).

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