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Lowbrows at Saturday Morning Physics (2002-2003)

During the fall and winter, the University of Michigan Physics Department hosts a series of multimedia presentations called Saturday Morning Physics. These presentations are aimed at the general public. Generally you can find several Lowbrows in attendance. (The Lowbrows are an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor).

Looking at Atoms #1

On April 13, 2002 Professor Brad Orr gave a presentation called “Looking at Atoms.” After most Saturday Morning Physics talks, attendees can examine the equipment used to conduct the demonstrations. On the left: Charlie Nielsen; on the right: Jim Halk.

Looking at Atoms #2

Also after the April 13, 2002 talk; left to right: Professor Brad Orr (facing away from camera), Dick Sider, Jim Halk and Mike Radwick.

February 2003

This photograph shows (left to right) Mike Radwick, Lorna Simmons, Dick Sider and Bernard Friberg shortly after a Saturday Morning Physics presentation in February 2003.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Cosmology

On April 5 & 12, 2003, Katie Freese, U-M Professor of Physics, gave a talk entitled “Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Cosmology.” Dr. Freese posed with the Lowbrows who attended her talk. From left to right: Charlie Nielsen, Mike Radwick, Jim Halk, John Causland, Dave Snyder, Dick Sider, Katie Freese, Bernard Friberg and Lorna Simmons.

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