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Saturday Morning Physics (October 2005)

During the fall and winter, the University of Michigan Physics Department hosts a series of multimedia presentations called Saturday Morning Physics. These presentations are aimed at the general public. Generally you can find several Lowbrows in attendance. (The Lowbrows are an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor).

In October 2005, Dr. Sarah Yost (U-M Physics Department) gave a series of three talks for Saturday Morning Physics. The talks were entitled:

The following photographs were taken in October 2005 during the second and third of the these talks.

Dr. Yost with balloon universe

Here Dr. Yost uses a balloon to show what happens as the universe expands.

Dr. Yost and Dr. Akerlof

Dr. Yost and Dr. Carl Akerlof (on the right) answer questions from the audience.


This Albert Einstein action figure was used in the talk. One hundred years ago, in 1905, Einstein wrote two papers that first introduced the concepts behind Special Relativity. That’s more than enough excuse to include Albert.

After the third of Dr. Yost’s three talks, the Lowbrows conducted a Parking Lot Astronomy session (see Parking Lot Astronomy photographs).

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