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Parking Lot Astronomy
October 29, 2005

During the fall and winter, the University of Michigan Physics Department hosts a series of multimedia presentations called Saturday Morning Physics. Generally you can find several Lowbrows in attendance. (The Lowbrows are an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor; see Lowbrows at Saturday Morning Physics).

After a talk on October 29, 2005, John Causland set up his Coronado telescope in a parking lot. This telescope is specifically designed for solar observing. It was a crystal clear day with no clouds, perfect for solar observing. It was close to solar minimum, nevertheless there was activity on the sun.

Several Lowbrows gathered around and took turns gazing at the image of the sun. Occasionally people walked by and were curious what we were doing - so we encouraged them to have a look.

Parking Lot Astronomy #1

Parking Lot Astronomy #2

Parking Lot Astronomy #3

Parking Lot Astronomy #4

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