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Lowbrow Lunch after Saturday Morning Physics

During the fall and winter, the University of Michigan Physics Department hosts a series of multimedia presentations called Saturday Morning Physics. These presentations are aimed at the general public. Generally you can find several Lowbrows in attendance. (The Lowbrows are an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor). The following photographs were taken on the afternoon of Saturday March 27, 2004 and the afternoon of Saturday April 3, 2004 (in both cases shortly after Saturday Morning Physics).

The Boys

March 2004: The Club President, Observatory Director and Webmaster visit the observatory grounds. Left to Right: Dave Snyder, Charlie Nielsen, Mike Radwick.

Chinese Food

April 2004: Lowbrows eating Chinese food. Clockwise starting at the left: Charlie Nielsen, Mike Radwick, Dave Snyder, Dick Sider, Lorna Simmons, Mike Earle, Jim Halk.

Cold Dark Matter

Also in April 2004: The Lowbrows have just discovered Cold Dark Matter. Left to Right: Charlie Nielsen, Mike Radwick, Dick Sider, Dave Snyder, Mike Earle.

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