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Lowbrows at Saturday Morning Physics

During the fall and winter, the University of Michigan Physics Department hosts a series of multimedia presentations called Saturday Morning Physics. These presentations are aimed at the general public. Generally you can find several Lowbrows in attendance. (The Lowbrows are an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor).

On Saturday April 17, 2004, Dr. Gregory Tarlé (from the U-M Physics Department) gave part two of a two part talk called “Dark Energy and Our Runaway Universe.” Edwin Hubble discovered in the 1930’s that our universe is dynamic, expanding away from a birth about 14 billion years ago. Ever since, scientists have wondered if expansion would slow to a halt and then collapse or continue forever. Now it appears that a mysterious dark energy has taken over the universe and is accelerating its expansion. Professor Tarlé explored the experimental evidence for the existence of this dark energy and examined some of the possible explanations of its nature.

The following photographs were taken at or shortly after that talk.

Dr. Tarle Answering Questions

On the left Dr. Tarlé answers questions from the audience; on the right Dr. Timothy McKay (also from the U-M Physics Department).

Group Photograph with Dr. Campbell

Dr. Myron Campbell (from the U-M Physics Department) was in the audience and agreed to pose with some Lowbrows. From left to right: Dave Snyder, Lorna Simmons, Dr. Campbell, Charlie Nielsen, John Causland, Jim Halk.


Warren Smith (Supervisor of Laboratory Services for the U-M Physics Department, center facing camera) talking to Dr. Tarlé (facing away from camera).

Talking with Dr. Tarle #1

Talking with Dr. Tarle #2

A few audience members talking with Dr.Tarlé.

Group Photograph with Dr. Tarle

Dr. Tarlé poses with some Lowbrows. From left to right: Dave Snyder, John Causland, Dr. Tarlé, Lorna Simmons, Mike Earle, unknown, Jim Halk, Charlie Nielsen, Dick Sider.

Photo Credits

All Photographs on this page were taken at Saturday Morning Physics on April 17, 2004.

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