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University Lowbrow Astronomers—Hoover Elementary School Visit

The University Lowbrow Astronomers is an amateur astronomy club based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Lowbrows assist with astronomy events at schools! (For more information about Lowbrow school visits).

Hoover Elementary School Visit

Night Sky Network Event: The fifth grade classes of Hoover Elementary School in Hazel Park, Michigan got to see solar prominences through Mark Deprest’s PST (Personal Solar Telescope). These same kids were also treated to a night of telescopes and observing at their science camp in Holly, Michigan, when Belinda Lee, Don Fohey, Charlie Nielson, Jim Forrester and Mark Deprest showed up with clear skies and telescopes.

Photo Credits

The photos on this page were taken by Lori Dawson, Office Secretary, Hoover Elementary.


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