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Comet 17P/Holmes

Comet 17P/Holmes
by Norbert Vance

Comet Holmes

Here’s an image from tonight’s go-round with Comet Holmes (October 25, 2007) after some house cleaning on the equipment, and an even brighter and closer moon to contend with. Yet the comet is still clearly visible in the north east sky. One interesting change in 24 hours—apparent size. Last night I used a 17mm 2-inch Televue Panoptic for the eyepiece projection on the EMU Sherzer 10-inch apo... tonight I had to switch to the 35mm Panoptic to fit the comet in the camera field in similar fashion (25 second exposure with a Canon 20Da). The chart Mark forwarded earlier shows the comet slowly migrating up and over Alpha Persei (Mirfak) over the next couple weeks. It will be interesting to watch changes in apparent size, magnitude, and so forth over this period. At least the moon will be leaving the scene.


Norbert Vance

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