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Comet 17P/Holmes

Comet 17P/Holmes
by Doug Scobel

Comet Holmes

Comet Holmes

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These photos were taken by Doug Scobel; he said the following:

Here are a couple shots of the comet (Comet 17P/Holmes) from my back yard this evening (November 1, 2007). The wide field shot was with my Canon Powershot A620 at full zoom with a 1.75x teleconverter, 15 seconds (as long as it can go) at f/4.1, ISO 100, no post-processing (except to crop and resize). The closeup is through my 6-inch f/4.5 Newt “Smurfette,” with my old 2.1 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 800 mated to a 14 mm Tele Vue Radian, 8 seconds (also as long as it can go), other exposure info unknown (that camera has limited manual mode). Post-processing was done in Paint Shop Pro 8.0. That shot seems to match pretty well the visual impression through the eyepiece. Both shots were driven on my Vixen GP-D2.

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER....

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