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Lunar Eclipse Photographs [Image 10]

This page contains lunar eclipse photographs produced by members of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.

The Lunar Eclipse of February 20/21, 2008

The Lunar Eclipse of February 20/21, 2008

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Photos by Doug Scobel

There was a total lunar eclipse on the night of February 20/21, 2008. It was visible from North and South America, Western Europe, Western Asia and Africa. Doug Scobel took the set of photographs shown above that night and wrote the following:

In case you missed it here’s a mosaic of the eclipse from start to finish.

All pictures were taken through Smurfette, my 6-inch f/4.5 homemade Newt, on a driven Vixen GP-D2 mount. I attached my old Nikon Coolpix 800 point-and-shoot to a 14mm Televue Radian eyepiece. Digital processing was done in JASC Paint Shop Pro version 8.


I also created an animation from the above and other pictures I took during the eclipse (the animation is 983K, so it may take a moment to download). Click here to see the animation.

In addition, I put together a new animation of the February 20 total lunar eclipse, showing the moon moving through the earth’s shadow. I made the animation in JASC Animation Shop, using the same images with which I made my previous animation (showing a stationary moon). I think you’ll like it. Click here to see the animation.



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