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Astronomy Pictures of the Sun [Image 5]

This page contains images of the sun produced by members of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.

Sunspots on August 8, 2004
by Doug Scobel

Sunspots on August 8, 2004 #1

Sunspots on August 8, 2004 #2

Just got in from observing and imaging some sunspots. There’s a very nice, large, and complex group on the following limb, along with some faculae. There’s also a smaller pair on the preceding limb. The seeing was very steady and some really fine structure was visible. Here are a couple images (although they looked much better visually). They were through my 8-inch f/8 Newtonian, Nikon Coolpix 800 mounted to a 14mm TeleVue Radian eyepiece. I used a #58 green filter, and then processed them in Paint Shop Pro.

The telescope was protected with a 7 inch aperture Baader solar filter (making the scope a 7-inch f/9).

P.S., Doug described how he took these images in his newsletter article “Digital Imaging - The Lowbrow Way.” by Doug Scobel. Reflections (August, 2004).

WARNING: Viewing the sun without proper protective devices can result in permanent eye damage.

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