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Wide Field Astronomy Pictures [2005 Great Lakes Star Gaze]

This page contains images produced by members of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.

2005 Great Lakes Star Gaze
by Norb Vance

Norb Vance took the following sky shots at the 2005 Great Lakes Star Gaze with Eastern Michigan University’s C-14 and his digital camera (a Cannon Digital Rebel). The exposure times were probably about 4 minutes.

Milky Way #1

This shows part of the Milky Way.

Mars and the Pleides

The bright red dot in the picture is Mars. Just below and to the left is the Pleiades (a star cluster sometimes called “the Seven Sisters”).

Milky Way #2

Another view of the Milky Way. More photos from the 2005 Great Lakes Star Gaze.

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