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by Doug Scobel

(Click to see a larger version, 291K)

Here’s a portrait that I took on Saturday night (January 21, 2006) at Peach Mountain of Orion’s belt and sword. Besides M42/43, NGC 2024 just east of zeta Orionis is visible. M42/M43 is the Orion Nebula and is the bright area near the lower left part of the photo. Zeta Orionis is one of three belt stars (the belt stars are the three bright stars at the top of the photo, zeta Orionis is the leftmost belt star). NGC 2024 is a faint patch just to the left of zeta Orionis.

I piggybacked my Olympus OM-1 film (yes, film!) camera on Nathan’s (soon to be my) Vixen Great Polaris mount. 200 mm lens, 5 minutes at f/4, unguided, on Kodak “High Definition” ISO 400 print film. Scanned and moderately processed using Paint Shop Pro 8.

Those of you who weren’t there missed a particularly good (very steady!) night at The Hill. Look for a brief article in the February newsletter.

(Click to see a larger version, 528K)

Here’s a more or less full portrait of Orion. 100mm lens, 5 minutes at f/2.8.

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