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A Night on Peach Mountain / Moonwalk.

What is it?

Stinchfield Woods is owned by The University of Michigan and located about 5 miles from Dexter, Michigan. Peach Mountain is located within Stinchfield Woods. The facility includes a radio telescope and other equipment on Peach Mountain operated by various departments in the University. There is also a 24 inch optical telescope operated by an amateur astronomy club known as the University Lowbrow Astronomers.

A special open house was hosted by the Friends of Stinchfield Woods and the University Lowbrow Astronomers on Saturday, October 16, 1999. This event was called “A Night On Peach Mountain / Moonwalk.”

The public had the opportunity to look through the 24 inch telescope and many other telescopes. Lowbrow members brought their own telescopes and visitors were also encouraged to bring their telescopes or binoculars and setup before dark. There were also several telescopes owned by the club. For this event there were two locations for the telescopes, one near the classroom opposite the bonfire, and the one next to the 24” telescope. In addition to these telescopes, there were other activities throughout Stinchfield Woods, including:

These events were free and open to the public, however donations were gratefully accepted to cover the cost of the event.

When is it Open?

There are currently no plans for additional Nights on Peach Mountain / Moonwalks.

(The Lowbrow Astronomers hold other astronomy events, see the calendar of other astronomy events.)

How do I get there?

Please carpool if you can, parking is limited. Please no motorhomes.

Peach Mountain is located on North Territorial road about 4 to 5 miles North of Dexter. To get to the observatory, the talk on the radio telescope, the talk on space physics and the astronomy slide show:

Travel 1.1 miles west along North Territorial Road from the Dexter-Pinckney Rd intersection. You will see a small maize and blue sign that marks the gate.

We request that you turn cellular telephones and similar equipment off at this point (they interfere with ongoing research work). Travel about a mile along the dirt road going up the hill, turn left, and you will see a radio telescope and a parking area. To get to the observatory: Walk West from the small parking lot keeping the fence to the left and turn left again keeping the fence to the left. Follow the path for about 700 feet until you see the pale blue building. Inside is the 24 inch telescope. Club members and visitors may set up their telescopes in the field next to the 24 inch telescope.

Remember that the use of cameras with flash attachments and white flashlights may interfere with the dark adaptation of others, so please be considerate.

To get to the North entrance, the classroom and the other activities nearby (these instructions are only for Night on Peach Mountain / Moonwalk events, the North entrance is normally locked. As stated above, there are currently no plans for additional Nights on Peach Mountain / Moonwalks).

Drive north from the Dexter-Pinckney

Road intersection until you get to Stinchfield Woods Road. Drive West along Stinchfield Road for one half mile until you get to the North gate. Drive through the North gate and you will be instructed where to park.

It is about 8 tenths of a mile walk from the classroom to the observatory along a small dirt road through a very scenic woods. The road will be blocked off so that you cannot drive between the two locations.

Map of Ann Arbor Area

Click here for a larger version of the area map.

Note, the north gate shown in the map below is normally locked. As stated above, there are currently no plans for additional Nights on Peach Mountain / Moonwalks.

Map of Peach Mountain

Click here for a larger version of the detail map


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