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The History of the Angell Hall Observatory

by Dave Snyder
Revised: November 2004

Angell Hall

When the Student’s Observatory (see the Detroit Observatory) was torn down in 1923 to make room for a dormitory for nurses, the fifth floor of the Angell Hall (one of the University of Michigan classroom buildings) was reserved for a replacement observatory. With the exception of small amount of space used for other functions, the fifth floor has been used for that purpose to this day.

An chronology of events follows:

The 10 inch refractor

The 10 inch refractor originally at Angell Hall.

The 16 inch reflector

The 16 inch reflector originally at Angell Hall.

The 10 inch with construction rubble

The 10 inch refractor after the optics had been removed. Note the construction rubble on the floor.

Photo Credits

The photograph at the beginning of this page shows Angell Hall and was taken October, 1999 by Dave Snyder. The observatory dome is visible on the roof. The other three photographs were taken by Chris Sarnecki before the telescopes were decommissioned in 1994.

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