University Lowbrow Astronomers

A List of Planetariums in the Ann Arbor Area.

by Dave Snyder
Revised: November 2005

In Ann Arbor, there are several planetaria, including the following:

There is a small planetarium located in the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History which is used for public star shows. For more information see: The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Website (Home of the Museum of Natural History Planetarium).

There is a planetarium used for classroom demonstrations within Angell Hall (this planetarium was renovated in 2004). It is also used during open houses at Angell Hall Observatory. For more information see Lowbrow Astronomers at the Angell Hall Planetarium and the Angell Hall Planetarium website.

Pioneer High School of Ann Arbor has its own planetarium (called the Argus Planetarium). It is used as an education aid in science classes. For more informatio see the Argus Planetarium at Pioneer High School website.


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