Young Astronomer

M16, The Eagle Nebula

How to Observe

The Lowbrow Open House Flyer
What can I see in the sky tonight?
What (free) software is available
to help me view the night sky?

How can I use binoculars for

What do I need to know about

What is light pollution?

Cool Astronomy Stuff

Where can I find games, activities, and
other cool Astronomy stuff on the web?

Where can I find awesome
Astronomy pictures?

What Astronomy stuff can I find
at the Library?

How can my school host
an Astronomy event?

Where to Observe
& Places to Visit

Aside from my own backyard,
where can I go with my family
to observe the stars?

Where can I go with my family
to learn more about Astronomy?

Resources for

Who are the University Lowbrow

How can I plan an Astronomy
event for students at my school?

What Astronomy resource
materials and information
are available to me
through this website?

Photo Credits

The University Lowbrow Astronomers