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Required information form for prospective Life Sciences Orchestra Members

: Fill out the form and then press the "Send..." button below. You must enter an email address for this form to function. If you do not have an email address, you will have to obtain an email account (perhaps a free one from hotmail or yahoo) in order to use this form. If auditions have already taken place, you are still encouraged to fill out this form. That way, we can contact you when openings arise.

Before auditioning, please check the "Important Dates for LSO Members" and the Frequency Asked Questions to make sure that you can attend LSO events and rehearsals. The LSO realizes that life sciences community members are extremely busy; however, accepting a position in the LSO means accepting a responsibility to your fellow musicians to learn your music, attend rehearsals, and attend concerts. If you know you will have regular conflicts with LSO rehearsals and concerts, do not audition! Regular unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the orchestra.

All prospective LSO members must submit the form below:

Section 1. Contact Information

Last Name First Name M.I.

Campus Address (if available)

(Home) Street Address

City State Zip

Work Phone Home Phone

Email Address

Send me a copy of this message. By default, this box is checked so that a copy of the information you enter here will be sent to you via email. This gives you a chance to verify the information that was sent to the LSO.

Section 2. Demographical Information

The LSO gives first priority in auditions to members of the U-M Life Sciences community. Occasionally, non-life sciences players may be accepted when there is a need for more of a particular instrument. Please help us understand who you are:

I am best described as... from the department of

My affiliation (or main affiliation if I have several) is with the following unit of the U-M:

If you answered Other, please describe your affiliation and how your work or studies relate directly to the life sciences.

My specific title or position is:

NOTE: If you are a student, please describe your level (for example, M1, D1, Master's student, precandidate, Ph.D. candidate). If you are faculty, staff, or volunteer and have a job title (for example, research assistant, nurse, professor) please enter it here.

Section 3. Musical Information

What is the primary instrument that you own and play?

How many years have you played your primary instrument?
When was the last time you played your instrument?

How many years have you played in the LSO?

Please tell us about other instruments you play. (list instruments, whether you own them/have access to them, and your experience level)

Please list current/past ensembles you have played with.

If the opportunity arose, would you be interested in auditioning for the chance to perform a concerto with the LSO?

Is there any specific repertoire that you would like to see the LSO play?

Section 4. Volunteering and Miscellaneous

Would you be interested in volunteering for the LSO, and if so, in what areas? (you may select more than one)

whatever you need help with
none at this time

You may add any details about yourself or any of the information you entered in this form in the box below. When finished, press the send button. You should be forwarded to a webpage confirming that your information was sent, and (assuming you left the box checked), you will receive a carbon copy of the email. If you are not sent to the page confirming that your information was sent, and you are certain you have completed the form correctly, then send an email to orchestra@umich.edu. Thanks for your interest in the University of Michigan Life Science Orchestra!

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