Sexual Harassment
University Policy on Sexual Harassment (pdf)

To file a complaint:
Call the Gender Equity and Sexual Harassment Policy Office at (734) 763-8938

Complaint and resolution options

List of complaint handlers and contact numbers

For confidential counseling
Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) - call (734) 998-9368

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) -call (734) 936-8660

Other illegal discrimination or harassment
University policy on discrimination/harassment (pdf)

For information about how to pursue a concern contact the Office for a Multicultural Community at (734) 763-0235

For assistance with a dispute or problem (unfair treatment by a student, faculty member, department chair, dean or staff member, interpersonal conflict with a colleague, working relationships in my department, dispute or disagreement with my supervisor, filing a grievance).

Staff members call:
Academic and Staff HR Services
Medical Campus Department of Human Resources
Mediation Services

Resource Information

Staff Handbook

Staff Grievance Procedures (pdf)

Tenets of Membership in the University Community

Standard Practice Guide

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