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Welcome to the website of the University of Michigan MARC Program!

MARC is an interdisciplinary concentration focusing on the arts and humanities of European culture.
MARC concentrators take a wide variety of courses and complete an Honors Thesis.

The Cultural Crusades

MARC concentrator Paul Kubicz's MARC webpage on the Crusades and the exchange of cultures between east and west.

General Program Information:

Medieval and Renaissance Collegium (MARC)
Professor Thomas Tentler, Director
MARC may be elected as an interdepartmental concentration program.
The Medieval and Renaissance Collegium (MARC) administers an undergraduate program in Medieval and Renaissance studies, focusing on the history, civilization, and culture of these ages. Interested students may participate in the MARC program as concentra tors or by electing MARC courses as electives in their liberal arts education. The emphasis of the MARC program is multidisciplinary. It allows students to focus on a specific area of study such as the Middle Ages and/or the Renaissance by electing not only the basic Core Courses offered by MARC, but courses offered by a variety of departments through the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and the University. By breaking through departmental barriers, MARC students acquire a more integrated u nderstanding of early European civilization. Diversity is implicit in the very notion of the MARC program. In fact, MARC joins together such different academic disciplines and areas as archaeology, architecture, classical studies, English, German langua ges and literatures, Slavic languages and literatures, and theatre. MARC students are provided the opportunity, therefore, to become true "Renaissance persons" by electing courses in a large variety of departments and drawing upon the talents of faculty representing a wide variety of interests and subjects.
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MARC Faculty

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New Concentration Requirements:

Go here to see the current requirements needed to complete a M.A.R.C. concentration and graduate with honors.
See also the LSA Bulletin listing of MARC requirements.

Old Concentration Requirements:

Go here to see the old requirements needed to complete a M.A.R.C. concentration and graduate with honors. This option is open only to MARC concentrators who declared their MARC concentration BEFORE December 1997.

To learn more about the MARC Program, contact:
Thomas Tentler, Professor of History, Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Collegium ttentler@umich.edu
Christy Summerfield, Key Administrator csummer@umich.edu

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