Michigan Argentine Tango Club Constitution

Policies and By-laws

Minutes of the Board Meetings

First Meeting, May 2, 2007
Second Meeting, May 30, 2007
Third Meeting, Jun 20, 2007
Fourth Meeting, Sep 09, 2007
Fifth Meeting, Sep 26, 2007
Sixth Meeting, Nov 14, 2007
Seventh Meeting, Nov 18, 2007
Eighth Meeting, Nov 21, 2007
Meeting, Nov 28, 2007
Meeting, Dec 2, 2007

MATC Elections & Officers - 2007

On Wednesday, April 18, 2007, elections were held for elected positions of MATC Board. Here is a list of candidates and the results of elections:
  • President: Sandeep Tata, 28 for, 0 against
  • Vice-President: Aleric Soans, 28 for, 0 against
  • Treasurer: Solveig Heinz, 27 for, 1 blank, 0 against
  • Director of Operations: Ramji Venkataramanan, 27 for, 1 blank, 0 against
  • Registration officer: Bo Sun: 27 for, 1 blank, 0 against.
  • Secretary: Anjali Purkayastha: Appointed
  • Webmaster: Hirak Parikh: Appointed
Congratulations to all the successful candidates!

MATC Constitution Ratified

  • On Wednesday, March 21, 2007, the Club's Constitution was ratified. After more than 5 years since its inception, the club now finally has a constitution. This constitution was the result of a long process (4 months) which included many discussions and much thinking.


Here is the text of the four resolutions that were voted-on on March 21 and the results of the vote.
  • Resolution 1
    I vote to Ratify the Constitution draft as submitted, as the Constitution of the Michigan Argentine Tango Club.

    YES - 27; NO - 4

  • Resolution 2
    If the Constitution is ratified, I vote to authorize elections in April to create and interim board to serve until the Constitutionally mandated elections in December.

    YES - 28; NO - 3

  • Resolution 3
    If the Constitution is ratified, I vote to authorize the constitution committee to oversee the creation of an unbiased election committee, in accordance with the Constitution, who will oversee the election.

    YES - 30; NO - 1

  • Resolution 4
    If the Constitution is ratified, I vote to recognize the exisiting board and all the board members who have served on the MATC board. The exisiting board (as of March 21, 2007) will continue to function as an interim board subject to the constitution until the elections are held.

    YES - 26; NO - 5