5th Anniversary Celebration!

2001 - 2006

featuring guest instructors
Rebecca Shulman, Maximiliano Gluzman, Evan Griffiths
and guest DJ Tine Herreman

September 22-25, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI

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Please join us as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our club through a fun weekend of dancing, learning and friendship. This annual celebration is becoming increasingly popular among social dancers across the states. Designed with dancers in mind, dancing and more dancing is the main theme of this friendly and affordable festival.

Come dance with us, meet old tango friends and make many new ones!


Subject to change

Friday, September 22
3:00pm-6:00pm Matinee Milonga
TTT - Tea & Tango @ Three
for "Fools & Tango Bums"

DJ: Avik Basu Vandenberg Room, Michigan League
8:00pm-9:00pm Extra Swirls Rebecca Shulman Ballroom , Michigan Union
9:00pm-1:00am Milonga Rosas de OtoƱo
Admission: One long stemmed Fall Color Rose OR $10.00
DJ: Melida Chin Ballroom, Michigan Union
Saturday, September 23
12:30pm-1:00pm Check-in and warm up
1:00pm-2:30pm Track A:
Delight in your Dancing!
Maximiliano Gluzman Ballroom, Michigan Union
Track B:
Embellishments for Guys & Dolls
Rebecca Shulman Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Track C:
Spatial Awareness on the Dance Floor
Evan Griffiths University Club, Michigan Union
2:30pm-2:45pm Break
2:45pm-4:15pm Track A:
Milonga Musicality
Rebecca Shulman & Evan Griffiths Ballroom, Michigan Union
Track B:
Caminatas and Corridas
Maximiliano Gluzman Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
4:15pm-5:00pm Mini Practica DJ: Angel Montero Ballroom, Michigan Union
5:00pm-9:00pm Dinner break
9:00pm-1:30am Milonga Picante DJ: Ramu Pyreddy Ballroom, Michigan Union
2:00am-6:00am Milonga Till Dawn
(Breakfast for survivors!)
DJ: Ramji V Pittsfield Grange
Sunday, September 24
2:30pm-3:00pm Check-in and warm up
3:00pm-4:30pm Track A:
Double Stepping and Interesting Rhythms
Evan Griffiths Parker Room, Michigan Union
Track B:
Maximiliano Gluzman Ballroom, Michigan Union
Track C:
The Side-parada & Ten endings
Rebecca Shulman Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
4:30pm-4:45pm Break
4:45pm-6:15pm Track A:
Unusual Rhythms in Tango: The Contrapiano
Maximiliano Gluzman Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Track B:
Four Ideas for Melody
Rebecca Shulman & Evan Griffiths Ballroom, Michigan Union
6:30pm-7:45pm Refreshments & Socializing - No Dancing Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
8:00pm-1:00am Milonga Sorpresa - Performances, Surprises, Prizes and more .. DJ: Tine Herreman Ballroom, Michigan Union
Monday, September 25 (All events at the Pittsfield Grange)
6:30pm-7:00pm Check-in and warm up
7:00pm-8:15pm Track A:
Phrasing in Milonga
Evan Griffiths Pittsfield Grange
8:30pm-9:45pm Track A:
Unusual rhythms in Tango-II
Maximiliano Gluzman Pittsfield Grange
9:45pm-1:00am or later... Die-Hard Milonga DJ: Aleric Soans Pittsfield Grange

Which workshop should I take?

We have avoided classifying the workshops by levels. We would like you to attend the workshops that pique your interest rather than choosing one by level. We hope each workshop will be attended by dancers of various skill levels, making it more fun for everyone to learn.

Many of the workshops deal with musicality- take your pick. For the workshops focused on vocabulary (sacadas, boleos etc.), we recommend that you have completed our intermediate series (or danced at least 9 months of tango). We have a great line-up of teachers and hope you enjoy learning from all of them!

About Rebecca Shulman

Rebecca Shulman has been affiliated with Dance Manhattan since 1994 helping develop the school's extensive Argentine tango program and curricula. Born in New York City, Rebecca studied classical ballet all her life and Contact Improvisation and yoga since 1993.

Her tango career began in 1991 with Daniel Trenner, with whom she began to perform and to visit Buenos Aires. Her Tango teachers include Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Tete and Maria, Juan Bruno, and Antonio Todaro. She has performed with the finest dancers of her generation, and given workshops across the U.S. Students everywhere seek Rebecca's clear instruction on improvisation, technique, adornments, and musicality. For four years Rebecca taught and translated for Stanford University's Tango Week. In 1998 she taught at the Montreal Festival and for several weeks in Istanbul, Turkey. She has produced half a dozen popular instructional videos, available through Bridge to the Tango.

Rebecca is a co-founder and artistic director of TangoMujer, an all-women dance company which performed at Symphony Space and Town Hall in New York, and at the Podewil Theatre in Berlin in 1998. In 1999, TangoMujer received a National Dance Production grant from New England Foundation for the Arts, which sent the company on tour to seven cities in the 2000-2001 season. In 2003 TangoMujer performed at Jacob's Pillow, Denver Tango Festival, Queens Theatre in the Park, and University of Maryland. In May 2005 they took their show to the Tanzhaus in Dusseldorf. (visit

In January 2002, Rebecca cohosted Bridge to the Tango's visit to Havana, Cuba, teaching tango to Cubans as part of a cultural exchange. In March she danced at the grand opening of the spring season of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. That summer Rebecca was honored for 11 years of contribution to tango in the U.S. In February 2003 she performed in "Swango: the Fusion" and in "Avantango" at Town Hall. In 2004 she gave workshops in Seattle, Portland, Baltimore and Northampton. In 2006 Jaimes Friedgen and Rebecca started the tango scene in Bombay.

More than a dozen of New York's current tango teachers are Rebecca's former students. Her dance partners after Daniel have included Omar Vega, Metin Yazir, and currently Constantin Rueger. Every Monday night she hosts the largest milonga in New York, Luna, which has been running at Dance Manhattan for over ten years.

About Maximiliano Gluzman

Maximiliano Gluzman is a young milonguero who was born, lives and teaches in Buenos Aires. He has spent his tango life in the milongas of Buenos Aires and he has decided to follow the tradition of the old and excellent although many times anonymous- porteño dancers.

The tango that he is constantly developing is based, consequently, on the dancers' communication, continuous intimate embrace, musical interpretation and respectful navigation on the dance floor. Tango dancing is for him a great pleasure that can be achieved due to technical mastery, so his work focuses on posture, leading and following and the sense of rhythm.

He is an exponent of the purest milonguero style, which means to dance for the dancer's and his or her partner's pleasure rather than to prove the others the things each dancer can do. Maximiliano Gluzman studied with Susana Miller, and nowadays he teaches at her school located at El Beso, where he leads lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. Together with his partner Milva Bernardi, one of the most respected dancers and teachers of the young milonguero generation, he has participated in festivals such as Zurich Tangowoche 2005/06 and Master Tango Sicily and has taught in several locations in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Also with Milva he has taught with old milongueros such as Pocho y Neli and the renowned Tete. Maximiliano is one of the organizers of the International Milonguero Meeting that will take place in Buenos Aires in February 2007.

About Evan Griffiths

Evan has been dancing tango over seven years and has been teaching since 2001. Some of his more influential teachers are: Elizabeth Wartluft (Eugene), Greg Estes (Eugene), Daniel Trenner (Boston), Christopher Nassopoulos (San Francisco) and from Buenos Aires: Luciana Valle, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Guillermo Merlo and Fernanda Ghi, Susana Miller, Florencia Taccetti, Hugo Patyn and Miriam Larici, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Rodolfo "El Chino" Aguerrodi, Norberto "El Pulpo" Esbres and Luiza Paes. He has assisted Susana Miller in classes, and assisted and performed with Luciana Valle, Alex Krebs, Rebecca Shulman, and Florencia Taccetti.

Over the years he has traveled many places in the states for tango, he has spent time dancing in Berlin, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires. He has taught in: Eugene, Ashland, Portland, Seattle, in Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, New York City, and in Berlin. He studied classical piano for 12 years growing up, and studied music in college. He has been playing tango piano now for the last 3 and a half years and its become another major part of his life.

About Tine Herreman

Tine is the organizer and resident DJ of the Yale Tango Club in New Haven, Connecticut. She is a scientist by day and a DJ by night. Recent gigs include Tango Joven in Chicago, Tango de los Muertos and the Boston Tango Festival, New Years Eve in Montreal, and events in New York and Boston. She plays devastating tangos, soaring valses and irresistible milongas.

More info at


Please register online for the weekend workshops/milongas. We will not accept email reservations!

Due to the capacity of the rooms, enrollment in each workshop will be LIMITED to 40. As we process registrants on a first-come-first-serve basis, enrolling well in advance will assure you a spot in the workshops and save you money as well (see prices below). It will also give the organizers ample time to handle your requests (we appreciate your early enrollment greatly!).


Please note that student rates are available only to FULL-TIME students with a valid student ID.

Package Prices

All the Friday events are FREE if you bring a long-stemmed Rose of Fall Colors

Early registration prices (postmarked on or before September 18)

Late OR at-the-door registration prices (postmarked after September 18)

A La Carte Prices

Please note that both the Semester Milonga Pass and the Semester Lesson/Practica Pass will not be valid for the anniversary milongas. If you are a Semester Pass holder, you must still purchase one of the weekend passes or pay for the milongas at the door.

5th Anniversary Poster

To order a personal copy of the poster, please contact the artist Julie Bessette

Private Lessons

We have slotted some time on Monday for our guest instructors to give private lessons to dancers seeking individuial attention. If you are interested, you must schedule these private lessons through the club by emailing your request to umtango@umich.edu. In your email, please let us know if you have any scheduling preferences. The slots will be filled on a first-come first serve basis. And all the private lesson will be held at the grange.


Housing with local dancers may be available for those out-of-towners who register and pay prior to September 18, 2006. If you are interested, please email tangohousing@yahoo.com. The sooner you register, the more likely it is that we will be able to find you housing. Priority will be given to those dancers who register for the whole weekend.

In the past, we have been able to find housing for almost all of the visiting dancers who requested for housing. However, as the number of out-of-town dancers have increased, we are finding it difficult to satisfy all the housing requests. See the accomodations page for more information on local accomodations.

Local dancers who house out-of-towners will receive a 25% discount on the workshop cost for each individual they host. If you are a local dancer interested in providing housing, please sign up here.


Michigan League (Map)
911 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
-Vandenberg Room (2nd floor)

Michigan Union (Map)
530 S. State
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
-Ballroom (2nd floor)
-Pendleton Room (2nd Floor)
-Parker Room (2nd Floor)
-U-Club (1st Floor)

Free covered parking at specified times on weekends and evenings (please see signage on structure) is available in Thompson Street Parking structure which is right behind the Michigan Union. Thompson street is parallel to and one block west of State St.

Pittsfield Grange (Map)
3337 Ann Arbor Saline Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9711

Flying to Ann Arbor

The closest major airport to Ann Arbor is Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).

The airport is about 25 miles east of Ann Arbor. From the airport, take I-94 West and follow it all the way to the State Street Exit in Ann Arbor. Take a right on State St. and continue for about 3 miles until you reach the University of Michigan campus.

Transportation to/from the airport.
Public Transportation from the airport to/from Ann Arbor is limited to taxi-cab or a shuttle. Shuttle services might not run periodically. You will have to call them in advance to schedule a pick-up or drop-off. Check the city's visitor guide
transportation page for more information.

You don't a car need that much once you are in town, but renting a car for the weekend at the airport might not be any more expensive than taking the shuttle both ways.

You may also try the airports at Flint (FNT) and Toledo (TOL). Sometimes airlines have cheaper fares to these cities. Toledo and Flint are about an hour drive from Ann Arbor.

Bulletin Board

We now have a virtual bulletin board available for you to post your messages regarding sharing rides to/from the airport or sharing hotel rooms. If you would like to get housing with local Ann Arbor Dancers, do NOT post here--instead, send an email to tangohousing@yahoo.com.

Questions? Concerns?

The most time consuming thing for us as organizers is when people ask us questions (email, personal, or telephone). We definitely do not mind answering your questions but many of the answers to your questions are available on this website.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at
umtango@umich.edu. You may also call Ramu at 734-327-0642 or John Lang at 734-355-2607 or Ramji at 734-995-0204 .