About our Instructors

Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler lives in New York and Berlin. Trained in ballet and modern dance, she discovered Argentine tango in 1980. Her teachers in Buenos Aires have included Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Todaro, Pepito, Gustavo Naveira, and Eduardo Arquimbau. She is a founding member of Tango Mujer and has performed in New York, Berlin Podewil (1998), and Colorado Dance Festival (1999) Tango Marathon, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Tango Vision in Berlin (1994), Tango Mundo in Berlin, and at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. She is a frequent guest teacher at Dance Manhattan. Her studio, Tanzart, has been a pillar of the tango community in Berlin since 1987. With more than 20 years of experience teaching and performing tango around the globe, Brigitta is one of the most inspiring and innovative artists in the tango world today. In class, she has the knack of unlocking her students' creativity and making tango fun at any level.

Christopher and Caroline

Known for their musicality and dynamic movement, Christopher and Caroline are two of the best-known close-embrace instructors of Argentine tango in the United States. They are specialists in teaching pure lead and follow and clear and uncomplicated walking. Christopher was first introduced to Argentine tango in 1993, and made numerous trips to Buenos Aires to study and learn the social traditions of the milongas there. Caroline taught many forms of movement and danced salsa for almost a decade before being lured to the tango in 1997, and joined Christopher as his teaching partner two years later.

Somer and Agape

Somer and Agape's performances and classes have captivated students and onlookers alike across the United States, Canada and Europe. Their style fuses a variety of influences with their own interpretive skills, all emphasized by the type of mutual improvisation that comes from a deep connection between partners. This connection is reflected in a teaching style that emphasizes the importance of walking, balance, focus, musicality, and technique that involves leading with the heart in both close and open embrace. The result, as seen in their incendiary performances, is a style imbued with a deep understanding of technique, a willingness to take risks, and a palpable sense of joy.

About our DJs

Robin Thomas

A well-known and respected dancer and DJ, Robin's enthusiasm for Argentine tango can be seen most clearly in his wholehearted dedication to teaching. He believes that it is very important for students to dance simply and musically from the very beginning. Building that strong base of connection and musicality early, Robin believes, will allow even very new beginners to feel comfortable and confident on a crowded dance floor and will also lead to a more comprehensive and fluid understanding of more complicated techniques later on. Robin's teaching style reflects this philosophy, and his students appreciate the humorous but still down-to-earth way he presents the material. Robin's travel schedule is a busy one, reflecting his growing popularity as a teacher and tango DJ. Recently, he has taught in Portland, Denver, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Seattle, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Diego, Providence, Pittsburgh and at the universities, Yale, Princeton, and Cornell.

Joe Leonardo

Despite considering himself a small town boy with very humble wants and desires, Joe Leonardo creates strong currents, quiet and deep, as a dancer of Argentine Tango in Portland, Oregon. Born into the world of Argentine Tango during the decline of the Golden Age of Tango in Portland, Joe has striven for excellence and has felt very privileged to find himself in an environment and community that where excellence in tango is always a possibility. Through the years of the Post-Golden Age of Tango in Portland and on into this brave new continuously evolving tango world that has yet to be defined, Joseph Leonardo carries on the development of his craft and his art and takes great joy in his own evolution as well as in the weighty contributions he has made to the Portland Tango scene.

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