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Ney and Jennifer
Intro to Villa Urquiza Style Villa urquiza style is the "tango salon" influenced by the dancers of Sunderland and Sin Rumbo (search youtube for Carlos & Rosa Perez, Jorge & La Turca, Geraldine & Javier). We will focus on elegance in the walk and the embrace. All levels Close
Milonga con Traspie A base for dancing milonga with double time, with easily-linked classic steps Adv Beg
Musicality for Rhythmic, Romantic, & Dramatic Music Recognizing and dancing to different types of tango music.
Women's Technique and Embellishment Bootcamp Class without partner work - ladies' technique and musical basis for embellishing. All levels Close/Open
Advanced Turns: Enrosques & Lapiz Turns with the man decorating the center. Adv Open
Damian and Jennifer
Confidant And Comfortable In Buenos Aires Frequently dancers get caught up in "what" they are doing, instead of how it feels. Since versatility is key for a social dance, we will focus on making the embrace and walking feel good with everyone. All levels Open/Close
Taking Musicality One Step Further This class will take a simple pattern that you already know and analyze where you can add double times (sounds simple, but it's not!). Adv Beg+
Playing With Asymmetrical Rhythms Having a strong command over the music allows a dancer to provide contrast in the dance, therefore providing variety. In this class, we will provide you with the tools necessary for recognizing asymmetrical rhythms as well as simple elements you can use
Multiple Sacadas:1 Sacada, 2 Sacada, 3 Sacada, More? This class will cover sacada technique that you can apply in a variety of locations. Expect the unexpected...as your mind opens to seemingly unlimited possibilities. (Hint: There are 48 possible sacadas...do you know where they all are?) Adv. Open
Freezing and Hot Boleos This class will explore various dynamics ("freezing" and "sharp" boleos) as well as technique. Mastering these dynamics really opens up the possibility of playing with the music.
Nick and Tara
Lounging Volcadas Volcadas so relaxing and comfortable it's like napping in a lazyboy. Int+ Close
Nuevo Tango in Close Embrace Difficult concepts and positions in close embrace.
Over Rotated Pivots This class pushes the structure of the dance with single pivots that rotate for over 540 degrees. It's a different way to think and move Open
Breaking the embrace for walking and turns This class is about connection, fluidity and close embrace tango... You'll see:) it's easy fun and insists on great technique from the very beginning. Adv Beg+ Close/Open
Twisting Figures for Easy Navigation Creativity and navigation on a tight floor are not easy bedmates. This class works with movements that are usually too big or dangerous for tight spaces and bends (twists) them to comfortably fit. This is a follower and leader technique intensive class. Adv Close