Sebastian Jimenez and Joana Gomez

SEBASTIÁN JIMENEZ is today one of the most renowned dancers of the Tango Salon category. His career start as the winner of the top prize in 2010: the World Tango Championship. In the same year was also recognized for his unique expression in Tango Vals in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship which made Sebastián the youngest champion in the history of both championships. Since then he has been traveling across all continents showing his art and teaching across different cultures.

JOANA GOMES, Sebastián's partner, has a PhD in interactive art and has always been involved in the creation of interactive graphics and interactive dance shows. She learned to dance with the most renowned teachers of Buenos Aires where she goes twice a year.

More information about Sebastian and Joana can be found on their website.

Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova

When Michael & Eleonora met, they both realized that each one of them had a tattoo of a black panther...Perhaps this was a coincidence, but they believe that it was rather a sign of fate!

Shortly after they decided to continue this exciting joyrney through life and dance together, forming a dance partnership based on respect for one another's artistic views and desire to take Argentine Tango to a whole new level: exploring possibilities of fusing the most traditional form of this beautiful dance - tango being a social dance based on musicality & elegance with a more flexible and modern approach of a perfoming artist - using the body as an instrument that is not limited to one particular style of movement or discipline.

More information about Michael and Eleonora can be found on their website.