Michigan Argentine Tango Club - Argentine Tango in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
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About our Instructors

About Tete & Silvia

Pedro 'Tete' Rusconi is the foremost teacher of the close embrace style of Argentine Tango. Since 1995, Tete and Silvia Ceriani have been dancing and teaching together. They have toured throughout Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and the United States (Ohio and Arizona), teaching, performing and being part of Tango Festivals. They prioritize the attention in the musical compasses, the sensibility of the body, and the liberty of the movement. Their tango waltz classes are highly appreciated worldwide. Tete is noted for his individual style of musicality, and the tango of the golden era of the 1940's and 1950's.

Tete and Silvia have two tango instructional videos, that are used and seen by most close embrace dancers.

Paul Pellicoro of New York wrote the book "Paul Pellicoro On Tango" (2002), where he discusses the masters of tango and included in the book are Tete and Silvia. The following are links to videos where you can watch Tete and Silvia perform a Vals and a Tango

About Nestor and Enriqueta

Nestor is one of the few remaining true milongueros and has more than 50 years experience dancing Argentine Tango. Nestor has been an instructor for over 20 years and has taught at Susana Miller's Academy. Nestor has given a number of performances and was featured in the documentary El Abrazo La Vida es un Tango.

Enriqueta has been dancing milonguero style tango for over 15 years. She has taught at Susana Miller's Academy and specializes in teaching women's technique. Enriqueta has performed at a number of locations in Buenos Aires including at Salon Canning, Cachirulo (Maipu 444) and La Confiteria Ideal. At present, Enriqueta teaches with Nestor La Vitola at Maipu 444.

A few links to Nestor and Enriqueta dancing: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

About Tine Herreman

Tine Herreman plays happy tangos, soaring valses and irresistible milongas. She lives in New York city and DJ's regularly around the city and the Northeast. Festivals included the NY Tango Festival, Atlanta Tango Festival, Ann Arbor May Madness, Princeton Tango Fest, Boston Tango Festival, Tango de los Muertos, New Year's Eve in Montreal, the Yale Tango Fest, and others. Recent New York gigs include the All-Night Milonga, Nocturne, the Seaport and others. Tine was the founding president of the Yale Tango Club, and organized, taught and DJ'ed for the club from 2003 to 2007. She developed the club from a small practica to the most active social club on campus, with almost weekly workshops with visiting teachers and a national festival. She also started several networks for DJ and community development.

About Yulia Kriskovets

In the span of a few years Yulia has become a popular DJ in Washington DC and the national festival circuit. Yulia is a regular DJ at weekly DC venues. She DJed in Washington DC Tangosutra and Tango Marathon Festivals, Ann Arbor Festivals, Tango Joven Festivals in Chicago, Boston's Tango De Los Muertos, Providence festivals, and others.