May Madness 2008

Housing Request Form

This form is for out of towners looking for accomodation with local hosts. There is no guarantee that housing will be found. Please register early to ensure accomodation. Please use one form per party.

If you have any other specific requests then please mail the housing coordinator Rachel Miriani rmiriani [at] umich [dot] edu

First Name:
Last Name:
City (current residence):
Total number of guests
in your party who wish accomodation:
Accomodation required for: All males All Female Both genders
Accomodation Type Preference: Extra Bedroom Sofa Bed Floor space Either
Host Gender Preference: Male Female Family/Couple Any
Household Pets Preference: Pets are okay No pets please
Smoking or non-smoking Preference: I would prefer a host who will allow me to smoke. I would prefer non-smoking host accomodation. Either is fine.