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Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez
(Buenos Aires)

Ariadna has been dancing since she was a child. The daughter of Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, she took her first steps with her brother Federico, who became her dance partner for 15 years. She graduated with a Master's degree in dance from La Escuela Nacional de Danzas in 2006. Her tango appearances include Salón Canning, Parakultural, La Virtua, La Confitería Ideal, Broadway Theater, and many more.

She developed her teaching skills while working with her mother's ballet school. She has had roles in feature-length films such as "Tango, No Me Dejes Nunca," directed by Carlos Saura, and a number of short films. She has taught classes with Federico at Tango Brujo, as well as Tangomagia in Amsterdam, Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA) in Buenos Aires, and Pulpo's Tango Week, also in Buenos Aires. After performing with various other dancers, she became partners with Lucas Molina, and they taught in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Riga, Basel Venice, and other European cities. Currently she teaches with Greta Hekier at the Belgrano club, also know as Cochobamba.

Fernando began dancing tango in 2001 reluctantly and slowly. His dance took shape after meeting his first partner, Nayla Vacca, and the two traveled to events in Argentina and abroad. His teacher, Alfredo Maldonado, offered him his first opportunity to perform at La Calle Corrientes, more precisely La Casona del Teatro. They have various performances to their credit, including appearances at La Ideal, Salón Canning, Parakultural, and Porteño y Bailarín, among others. They also taught in England, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, and Brazil until February 2009, when they separated.

Ariadna and Fernando, apart from being partners in life, are beginning a new experience in the dance together, deciding to give tango the traditional freshness that helps keep the dance lively throughout the world.


Enriqueta Kleinman (Buenos Aires)

Enriqueta Kleinman is an artist by profession. She is a teacher, a milonguero style tango dancer, as well as a singer of tango music. She is also a painter and she teaches drawing and painting.

In tango, Enriqueta has had several teachers that left lasting impressions. With each one she investigated different styles and concepts: Carlos Gavito ("technique for the woman"), Roberto "Pocho" Carreras, Nely Fernando, Ana Maria Shapira, and Susana Miller. It is with Susana that Enriqueta learned how to teach. Enriqueta absorbed the concepts of dance of these teachers and their teachings and incorporated them into her own.

With time and through teaching other disciplines, Enriqueta developed her own pedagogical method. Relying on a solid foundation in technique and musicality, Enriqueta gives classes to men and women in tango, waltz and milonga. She puts the accent on the structure that makes it possible to let one's expression appear and develop.

Enriqueta travels tirelessly to many cities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Among others: Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Ann Arbor, Tucson, Iowa City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, San Francisco, San Diego, Toronto, Rome, Bonn and Amsterdam. She has participated in the following tango festivals: May Madness (Ann Arbor), Valentengo (Portland), Tucson Tango Festival, and the Chicago Mini Tango Festival.

Enriqueta possesses a charismatic personality. She transmits her passion to her students and motivates them to dance what they feel in their soul and put it into their body. Her students love and respect her. She establishes strong principles and she generates a climate of intense but pleasant and amusing work.



Joe Leonardo (Portland)

Joe Leonardo is a highly regarded, respected and experienced teacher and DJ of Argentine Tango from Portland, Oregon. Joe has taught workshops, group classes, and private lessons, participated in national tango festivals and DJed throughout the United States (Ashland TangoFest, Ann Arbor Anniversary Festival, Tango del los Muertos) and is an active and devoted member of the Portland Tango community, hosting the popular "aime comme moi" Milonga and the Tuesday Practica at the Bamboo Grove. He is also known as an excellent DJ who's knowledge and love of the music consistently translates into amazing nights of dancing.


Tine Herreman (NYC)

Tine Herreman plays devastating tangos, soaring valses and irresistible milongas. And some very groovy alternative, when the crowd is so inclined. She creates a warm and genial mood for the dancers to enjoy each other's embrace. She has a vast collection, but every song she plays is a greatest hit. As a dancer, Tine likes to lead and follow uncomplicated tango with sophisticated musicality. Tine deejays at big and small milongas in New York and the Northeast, and occasionally beyond. Festivals included the Portland Tango Fest, NY Tango Festival, Tango de los Muertos, the Atlanta Tango Fest, the Yale Tango Fest, and others. She has played all-night events in Montreal, San Francisco and Europe. She hosts and often DJs Tango Lounge (Friday), Tango Loft (4th Saturday) and Tango Fix (Mondays) in New York. Tine is pronounced like "Tina".


Yulia Kriskovets (DC)

Yulia has been DJing regularly both in Washington DC and on the national festival circuit since 2004. She carefully crafts her tandas based on the shape and taste of each song to make you dance all night long. She DJed in Washington DC Tangosutra and Tango Marathon Festivals, Boston's Tango de Los Muertos, Portland Tangofests, Ann Arbor Festivals, Tango Joven Festivals in Chicago, Providence festivals, and Houston Tango Festival.

Hirak Parikh (Ann Arbor)

Hirak Parikh was drawn to tango by the music that wafted from a distant classroom many, many moons ago. Every time he dances, he discovers something new. He has danced tango all around the world and has DJed a number of festivals in Ann Arbor. When not dancing or DJing, he works towards becoming a guitar hero (the real kind) and can be found strumming one of his various guitars in and around Ann Arbor.

Patrick Lademan (Ann Arbor)

Pat is known for his emphasis on contrasting rhythms in his sets. Sweet tangos set against rhythmically rich playful ones. Smooth and fluid vals tandas balanced by sharp and energetic milongas. He also carefully crafts his tandas to incorporate both clear rhythms appropriate for beginners and rich melodies for the experienced dancers. As a Milonguero style dancer he leans towards Golden Age tangos.

Solveig Heinz (Ann Arbor)

Solveig Heinz has been dancing Argentine tango for five years, taking her first tango steps in Tübingen, Eugene, and Berlin. It was only in Ann Arbor, however, where she was introduced to the most important lesson about tango - learning to love the fundamentals. In recent years, she has served as Treasurer, taught classes, DJed, and organized festivals for MATC. She loves tango for its intimacy and spontaneity, and for Canaro's clarinet. An opera scholar by profession, operatic cortinas are a must at her milongas.