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Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez
(Buenos Aires)

Ariadna has been dancing since she was a child. The daughter of Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, she took her first steps with her brother Federico, who became her dance partner for 15 years. She graduated with a Master's degree in dance from La Escuela Nacional de Danzas in 2006. Her tango appearances include Salón Canning, Parakultural, La Virtua, La Confitería Ideal, Broadway Theater, and many more.

She developed her teaching skills while working with her mother's ballet school. She has had roles in feature-length films such as "Tango, No Me Dejes Nunca," directed by Carlos Saura, and a number of short films. She has taught classes with Federico at Tango Brujo, as well as Tangomagia in Amsterdam, Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA) in Buenos Aires, and Pulpo's Tango Week, also in Buenos Aires. After performing with various other dancers, she became partners with Lucas Molina, and they taught in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Riga, Basel Venice, and other European cities. Currently she teaches with Greta Hekier at the Belgrano club, also know as Cochobamba.

Fernando began dancing tango in 2001 reluctantly and slowly. His dance took shape after meeting his first partner, Nayla Vacca, and the two traveled to events in Argentina and abroad. His teacher, Alfredo Maldonado, offered him his first opportunity to perform at La Calle Corrientes, more precisely La Casona del Teatro. They have various performances to their credit, including appearances at La Ideal, Salón Canning, Parakultural, and Porteño y Bailarín, among others. They also taught in England, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, and Brazil until February 2009, when they separated.

Ariadna and Fernando, apart from being partners in life, are beginning a new experience in the dance together, deciding to give tango the traditional freshness that helps keep the dance lively throughout the world.


Silvina Valz and Oliver Kolker

Silvina has studied and practiced tango in Buenos Aires with different teachers, among others Pepito Avellaneda and Gustavo Naveira. Actress, choreographer and dancer, she has studied classical ballet and modern jazz. She was also a prized federal gymnast in Argentina. In Paris she has studied tightrope dance, an aerial body art, with Oliver Farge. Since 1998 she has lived and taught tango in Paris. Her control of tango and milonga traspie, her rigorous approach to teaching tango, her creativity and refined sensibility of her body language make her an appreciated artist. She has also worked as choreographer and production assistant in the Theatre National Antoine Vitez and taught dancing and acting to blind young people in the National School of the Blind. For the last eight years she had danced in many different shows in Buenos Aires, Paris, and around the world, among others accompanied by Cacho Tirao, the talented guitar player of Piazzola.

Oliver Kolker, Actor and Tango dancer, who since the age of three, grew up in Argentina, is actually a native born New Yorker.

As an Actor Oliver started studying Drama in Argentina in 1994, under the instruction of Julio Chavez, Dario Levy, Joy Morris and Luis Indio Romero. Protagonizing several comercials and feature movies. In 2008 Oliver played the main part in his 4th Movie "Breaking Nikki", film that was selected to participate at the Phoenix Film Festival 2009.

Oliver began dancing Tango in 1997, when he felt he was growing apart from a former girlfriend. Very much inspired by his grandmother Beatriz, an amateur Tango Lover and in house Singer, Oliver filled that the tango embodied romance, contact and dialogue.