Jaimes Friedgen (Seattle)

Jaimes Friedgen is one of the most influential tango dancers to have ever come out of the American tango scene. A large number of the country’s prominent touring instructors have derived great inspiration from his dancing and teaching, either from afar, or through direct coaching. He began dancing and performing tango in Los Angeles in 1996, still in his mid-teens, and spent the next four years passing on the generosity and wisdom of countless great maestros to thousands of people all over the Western United States. By the early 2000’s, the demand for his work as a tanguero yielded enough income to support him and his loved ones completely, allowing him to invest all of his energy into the founding of The 8th Style School of Tango in Seattle, WA. Jaimes still tours regularly, splitting his time between Europe and North America.

Christa Rodriguez (Seattle)



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Mario Consiglieri (Buenos Aires)

Mario began dancing tango at the age of 14 (1994). Active in sports (tennis, basketball & golf) and hip-hop (breakdancing), he found the concepts involved with partner dancing highly engaging. Encouraged and stimulated by his mother (Daria Consiglieri), local dancers, and the constant presence of Maestros offering seminars and regular courses through his mother's partners' (Larry Martin & Michelle Badion) non-profit organization "Tango Renassaince". Mario is known for his very personal and dynamically rich dance style. He loves to dance through an expansive range in the embrace, exploring different connections, and platforms for expressive movement. Artists and Maestros who have greatly influenced his approach and constant search in the Argentine Tango include: Omar Vega, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Mariano Frumboli, Pablo Tegli, Moira Castellano, Celine Ruiz, Eugenia Parrilla, Melina Brufman, & Anabella Diaz-Hojman. Mario also finds inspiration and motivation for continued growth through colleagues he regular shares and exchanges information with.

Anabella Hojman-Diaz (Buenos Aires)

Anabella began dancing at the age of 14. Drawn in part from curiosity after seeing the program "Grandes Valores de Tango" on TV, and also the availability of diverse dance classes available through the local cultural center, she finally found tango at the "Centro Cultural Parque Chacabuco". After studying choreographies and practicing with her companions, she decided to investigate the world of socially danced tango. She immediately found new sources of inspiration and many more directions to take her dance after seeing follows like Melina Brufman, Gaby Amalfitani, and others. She continued to study with the contemporary maestros in Buenos Aires - Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Mariano Frumboli, Melina Brufman. Anabella compliments her tango career with gyrotonics, strectching classes as well as classical.

As a couple
After meeting at a milonga in 2003, they began to dance socially on a regular basis. Their first work together began in 2004 and since then, M&A have continued to grow as a couple. Presently they continue to offer group lessons and thematic seminars in Buenos Aires, as well as traveling abroad to dictate workshops and participate in festivals and special events.

Ramu Pyreddy (Washington D.C) Ramu

Ramu took his first tango lesson on April 27th, 2000 in Buenos Aires and was hooked instantly. He still has the same excitement for the dance and his love for the music and the dance continues to grow. To share that passion with his friends and colleagues, he started Michigan Argentine Tango Club at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and was actively involved in growing it into a community that is now well known for its excellent social dancing skills. Ramu has since danced, DJed and taught all over the US and Canada. His teaching and dancing are characterized by a keen musical interpretation, infectious enthusiasm and a deep love of the music and the dance that is fanatic. He teaches tango for the social dance floor with an emphasis on connection, musicality and improvisation. He is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after tango DJ's in the US and has been a featured DJ at most tango festivals in the US. Currently, he lives in Washington DC where he is the host, DJ and resident teacher at Milonga Zandunga, one of DC's popular milongas.

Travis Widrick (Buffalo, NY) Travis

Travis was featured as guest DJ at some of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. As tango DJ his goal is to create a beautiful environment for dancing and to get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor. His passion for tango shows though in his Music and as DJ, he strives to build a wonderful energy with intense rhythmic melodies and romantic lyrical favorites. Currently, Travis is based in Buffalo, NY where he is a Tango teacher, DJ and founder of TWTango and ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon.