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Tomas Howlin

Tomas Howlin is a professional Argentine Tango dancer, performer, and teacher with near 20 years of experience. Each of his movements is deeply inspired by the traditional esthetic that have characterized the style and elegance of this dance for the past sixty years. His performing career started in the well-known tango clubs of Buenos Aires and branched out internationally as he performed and choreographed for theater and film, as well as for tango festivals throughout Argentina, the United States, and Europe. A patient and dedicated teacher, Tomas has developed a unique method and approach grounded in his Argentine cultural roots. Tomas’ students have described him as an inspiring teacher who makes tango accessible and dancing it a continually renewed experience. He has long been a regular and sought after teacher for festivals throughout North America and Europe. Along with his knowledge and mastery of tango, Tomas teaches fluidly in Spanish, English, and French.

Born and brought up in Buenos Aires, Tomas approached tango at a time when it was slowly resurging after a long rest following the Golden Age of Tango. He had the privilege to study with and assist some of the legendary teachers of tango, some of whom are no longer with us today. His most influential teachers were Ernesto Pupi Castello, Jose Brahemcha, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzalez and Pepe Avellaneda. While in Argentina, Tomas was asked to perform at the most respected clubs of the time during the rebirth of tango. This rare opportunity led him to dance in Club Akarense, Club Sunderland, Club Almagro, and La Galeria del Tango. He also was asked to perform for the first major homage to Osvaldo Pugliese after his passing, and he has performed to the music of the orchestra of his daughter, Beba Pugliese.

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Murat and Michelle Erdemsel

Murat Erdemsel has been described as one of the strongest leads in the United States as a dancer and instructor. He has taught in most of the major tango events in North America and Europe has influenced large numbers of dancers with his unique perspective of dance and instruction while he maintains his teaching position for Dance Manhattan in NYC. Born in Istanbul, Murat followed his parents path to art school. He established himself as an artist before he arrived in the US to complete his Masters Degree in Painting. His art works were sold to collections in Europe and in the States. Eventhough he has moved from painting to dancing, it is very apparent that his classical education and knowledge of art and art history influences and enriches his ability to teach in general. Murat has been running tango events and creating non-partisan organizations to support Argentine tango through the communities with his dance and life partner Michelle. Murat has performed in such important venues as the Metropolitan Club in NYC in honor of the president of Argentina. He has partnered with well known dancers and including with Michelle, has shared the stage with the masters of tango. Performed to the live music of important Tango orchestras such as Hector Del Curto, Raul Haurena and Color Tango. Murat can also be seen on TV and in Movies with his dance.

Michelle Erdemsel took her first steps in dance at the age of 6 at the world renowned San Francisco School of Ballet and continued with such greats as David Howard in NYC. Her dance experience can only be described as eclectic, ranging from modern, jazz, flamenco, hula and theatre dance. Michelle spent many years touring with famous Musical Artists such as Liza Minelli in prestigious venues like Prince Albert Royal Hall in London, Off Broadway theatres in NYC, Stadiums and Arenas in Europe, South America and the US. Her interest in partner dancing led her to competitive ballroom dancing and the more acrobatic style of theatrical dancing in which she garnered many awards including a North American Championship. Michelle has also been reviewed well by the NY Times as a choreographer for off-broadway productions and has assisted with choreography for the Live Televised shows Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Michelle has appeared on major network TV as well as movies, commercials, magazine fashion spreads, night club shows and theatrical productions nationally and internationally. Michelle discovered tango and traveled to learn and dance all over the US and in Argentina. Now Michelle has dedicated her life to teaching and dancing tango with her husband and partner Murat. Together they travel to teach at major festivals and perform at the milongas as well as with live music such as the Color Tango Orchestra.

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DJ Bios

Ramu Pyreddy

Ramu Pyreddy is the founder of the Michigan Argentine Tango Club at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - a community well known for its excellent social dancing skills. Currently living in Washington D.C., he is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after tango DJ's in North America and is a featured DJ at most tango festivals in the US. He teaches tango for the social dance floor with an emphasis on musicality and connection. His teaching and dancing are characterized by a keen musical interpretation, an infectious enthusiasm and a deep love of the music and the dance that is fanatic.><

Shorey Myers

Shorey's first exposure to tango, watching a tall, skinny guy in a beret teach a group of awkward college kids how to walk with grace, immediately captured her imagination and she has hardly looked away since. Coming from a background in martial arts and classical music, she is driven by the desire to make her own movement as clean, fluid and musical as possible. She counts among her strongest influences Tomás Howlin, Cecilia González and Alex Krebs. Shorey is an accomplished teacher whose primary goal is to give her students those tools necessary to make their dancing as enjoyable as possible in the shortest amount of time. As great as her love of the dance is her love of the music, a passion which is evident whenever she steps behind the DJ booth. She DJs all over the country (Portland, New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Ann Arbor, etc). She loves to keep both very traditional and very alternative crowds dancing all night long. Shorey is happily living in the San Francisco, though she still travels as much as is humanly possible.

Lampis Zalavras

Lampis has been fascinated by tango, continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form, and aims to achieve an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing with his music selections. He has been invited to the Denver, Portland, Houston, San Diego, Chicago, and Ann Arbor festivals, to San Francisco, New York, and Europe, as well as to special events including the Thing and NYE milonga in Portland, the Oxygen Marathon in Los Angeles, and the East Coast Tango Marathon in Providence (photo by Jan Jaroszynski).