Festival Policies

Private Lessons

1) Private lessons shall be offered only by instructors engaged for the event. Private instruction by individuals other than the instructor, who have been officially engaged for the event such as deejays, performers, musicians shall be organized only after Board approval

2) All private lessons shall be arranged through MATC, by use of the online registration form.

3) Private lesson slots shall be assigned on a first come first served basis with the following criteria:
  • MATC members shall be given first preference
  • Regular MATC users (defined by individuals holding a regular MATC lesson/series pass) shall have next preference
4) One private lesson slot refers to the normal time allocated by instructors for a lesson (typically 1 hour).

5) Any individual assigned one private lesson slot with an instructor/s will be considered for another slot with the same instructor/s during the event only after all registered individuals have been assigned a slot with the same instructor/s.

6) Registration for a slot will be considered closed by 8pm the day before.

Hosting out-of-town dancers

1) A 25% discount per person hosted shall be offered to individuals hosting out of town dancers for MATC festivals on their festival fees

2) No discount will be offered for housing out of town dancers for MATC workshops

3) Housing shall be arranged only through the MATC online registration form and discounts shall be available only to registered hosts, hosting registered individuals

4) An out of town dancer is defined as any individual whose regular residence is outside the state of Michigan, or greater than 60 miles from the Michigan Union (530 S. State St, Ann Arbor MI 48109)

5) Housing shall be arranged on a first come first served basis for all registered out of town dancers

6) Specific host requests and other preferences of out of town dancers shall be accommodated in the assignment of hosts, subject to clause 4.