Instructor Bios

Michelle and Joachim

With their flowing, sensual and graceful style, Joachim and Michelle harmoniously combine the traditional essence of tango with dynamic elements of contemporary tango.
Their workshops are always in high demand, and students appreciate their balanced input for leaders and followers, strong emphasis on technique, musicality and social dancing.
In their teaching they strive to create a sensitive, vibrant and unique connection in the couple and with the music. With useful exercises and imagery, precise technical explanations and body mechanics, they aim to find freedom and pleasure in movement and expression.
Michelle and Joachim have a profound understanding of movement from studying classical and contemporary dance, Feldenkrais® and Gyrotonic®. They are also certified body and movement therapists of Rolfing® Structural Integration.
Thousands of students worldwide subscribe to their You Tube Video Channel, where they post many videos of past classes and shows.
They are regularly invited to perform and teach at many prestigious events and festivals in Europe, including the Tango Europe Festival in Berlin, TangoFest Dresden, International Tango Meeting in Sardinia, Les TangoFolies de Lausanne, the Basel OsterTango Festival, Melbourne Tango Festivalito, events in Prague, Paris, Florence, Bucharest, Jakarta, Bali, Vancouver, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea, to name a few. They also give popular tango holiday seminars in lovely vacation locations like Sardinia and Croatia.
Both speak multiple languages and have taught classes in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Mauro Peralta & Claudia Cortes

Mauro Peralta is dedicated to exploring the communication and connection of the couple through his practice and his teaching. Incorporating techniques from ballet, jazz, yoga and gyrotonics, his focus is on the sensual embrace and walk of traditional tango. His dancing has brought him recognition as a performer for its creativity, unique style and an embodiment of the emotion and wholehearted abandon of tango as danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Claudia Cortes grew up dancing folklore and contemporary dance forms in her native Patagonia. Introduced to tango in Los Angeles in 2006, she travelled to Buenos Aires to study the dance and returned to California to teach and perform in the local milongas and festivals. Her teaching draws from a background in athletics to emphasize correct technique, posture and alignment in the embrace. Her dance exemplifies the intensity, stillness and the beauty of Argentine Tango.

DJ Bios

Travis Widrick

Travis was featured as guest DJ at some of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires. As tango DJ his goal is to create a beautiful environment for dancing and to get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor. His passion for tango shows though in his Music and as DJ, he strives to build a wonderful energy with intense rhythmic melodies and romantic lyrical favorites. Currently, Travis is based in Buffalo, NY where he is a Tango teacher, DJ and founder of TWTango and ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon.