May Madness 2005

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NOTE: Registration and payment for the Monday workshop and practica will occur at the door and is not included in the passes listed above.

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Early registration prices (postmarked on or before May 12)

  • 3 Day Pass (All events Friday-Sunday): $20 (students) / $35 (non-students)
  • 2 Day Pass (All events Saturday-Sunday): $15 (students) / $30 (non-students)

Late registration prices (postmarked after May 12)

  • 3 Day Pass (All events Friday-Sunday): $30 (students) / $50 (non-students)
  • 2 Day Pass (All events Saturday-Sunday): $25 (students) / $40 (non-students)

Note that registration for the Monday workshops/practica will be handled at the door.

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