Tango Workshops with Tom Stermitz
March 14 - 16, 2003


The purpose of these workshops is:
  • To have fun!
  • To graduate the curent group of Beginners/Advanced-Beginners to the Intermediate level
  • To solidify the close-embrace skills (rhythm, vocabulary, floor-craft, confidence) of the Intermediate and Advanced dancers
  • To offer Nuevo Tango Concepts and Vocabulary for the Intermediate and Advanced dancers

A bit about Tom Stermitz

Those who took Tom's workshops in January need no introduction. His classes in January were immensely popular. Tom's classes are inspiring and learning made fun and easy.

Tom's classes are designed to have you up and dancing social Argentine Tango as quickly as possible. His approach to teaching tango is from the inside out, emphasizing improvisation, fundamentals, heart & soul, rhythm & music, and the connection between the leader and follower.

Tom has been teaching and organizing Argentine Tango classes and events for 6 years in the Denver area. He has been an invited teacher in LA, Berlin, and at the Portland Tango Fest.

Workshop Schedule

Friday, March 14 - Family Housing Community Center
Intro to Nuevo Tango: Vocabulary that works in Open and Close Embrace
Workshop A (7:00-8:30pm) & Workshop B (8:40-10:10pm)

Saturday, March 15 - Trotter House
Close Embrace Fundamentals, Ocho Cortados & the Crossed-Basic
Workshop C (1:00-2:30pm) & Workshop D (2:40-4:10pm)

Sunday, March 16 - Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Ochos, Pivots & Preparation for the turn, Rock-steps out of Ochos
Workshop E (1:00-2:30pm) & Workshop F (2:40-4:10pm)


Saturday, March 15 - Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Workshop G - Navigation on Crowded Floors (8:00pm - 9:00pm)
Milonga Picante (9:00pm - 1:30am)

Sunday, March 16 - Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Practica (4:10pm-6:00pm)

Admission to the milonga and Workshop G (navigation) on Saturday is free to members. Membership is $10 per semester for students and $15 per semester for non-students.

Which workshops should I take?

LevelMinimum ExperienceAppropriate Workshop
Beginner 4-6 weeks of tango C & D
Advanced Beginner 6-12 weeks of tango OR
attended workshops with Tom in January
C, D, E & F
Intermediate 4-6 months of tango A, B, C, D, E, & F
All None G (free for members)

If you have been dancing for more than 4 months it is recommended that you take all 7 workshops. If you finished the first beginners series earlier this semester and you are NOT having any difficulty with the material covered, it is recommended that you take workshops C, D, E & F If you just started the second beginner series this semester, it is recommended that you take workshops C & D.


Early registration prices (on or before March 12)
  • 1-2 workshops: $25 (non-students) / $15 (students)
  • 3-4 workshops: $40 (non-students) / $25 (students)
  • 5-6 workshops: $55 (non-students) / $35 (students)
The penalty for late registration is $15.00. Please save us the time and effort and save yourself some money by registering early.

Please make your check payable to Michigan Argentine Tango Club and mail it along with the required registration information (see end of page) to:

Michigan Argentine Tango Club
4358 First Street
Wayne, MI 48184-2121

Questions/concerns: Dudhi Karsono d_karsono@hotmail.com

Or call Ramu at 734-327-0642.


Family Housing Community Center, North Campus (Map)
The address of the venue for Friday workshops is 1000 McIntyre Dr, (intersection of Hubbard & McIntyre). From US-23 take Geddes Rd Exit 39. Turn west - continue on Geddes Road approximately 1.5 miles. Turn north (right) on Huron Parkway. Turn left (west) on Hubard Road. Free parking is available in the parking lot on south side of Hubbard at the intersection with McIntyre. There is an University Bus stop right in front of the Community Centre.

Trotter House, Central Campus (Map) (Directions)
The address of the venue for Saturday workshops is 1443 Washtenaw Avenue. From US-23 take Washtenaw-Ann Arbor Exit 37B and turn west onto Washtenaw. At the fork in the road where Stadium Boulevard and Washtenaw split (approximately 2-3 miles), stay to the right on Washtenaw following the Hospital signs. The Trotter House is approximately a block past the Hill Street and Washtenaw intersection, on your right. Park in the Trotter House parking lot or on the street. Street parking is recommended.

Michigan Union, Central Campus (Map)
The Saturday milonga and the Sunday workshops will take place in Pendleton Room of Michigan Union 530 S. State St. From Interstate-94, take State Street Exit 177. Go north - continue on State Street approximately 2 miles to the main campus area. The Michigan Union is on your left at the South State Street and South University intersection.

Free covered parking on weekends and evenings is available in Thompson Street Parking structure which is right behind Michigan Union. Thompson street is parallel to and one block west of State St.

Private Lessons with Tom

Tom will be available for private lessons most of Monday (March 17) and during the day on Friday (March 14). Contact him by stermitz@tango.org or by phone 303-725-5963 to schedule a time for the class.

Required Registration Information

Workshops: A/B/C/D/E/F