Our club offers 3 levels of lesson series for close embrace style tango--Beginner, Advanced-Beginner, and Intermediate.

All classes run in parallel on Wednesday nights on the ground floor of Angell Hall. The common practica, which is sometimes preceded by a class takes place on Monday nights at the Pittsfield Grange. A typical student will follow a progression like:

Monday Night Practica at the Grange

Close-embrace tango dancing is a social form of tango where couple joined at the upper torso during the dance. By contrast, an open embrace style of tango dancing is derived from stage tango where the couple's torsos are not as attached as the close-embrace for the couple to be able to execute complicated figures.

Both forms of dance are danced on social floor in Argentina and require a dedication to master; choosing one is a matter of personal preference. When the floor space is ample, a couple can dance open-embrace while still maintaining respect for the floor and the couples around them; as the floor gets more crowded, however, close-embrace is typically danced more.