Advanced Beginner II Series: Close Embrace Argentine Tango Fundamentals

Pre-requisite: Advanced Beginner I Series

Instructors: Ramu Pyreddy & Melida Chin

Wednesdays, 8:00pm-9:30pm
March 3, 2004 - April 7, 2004 Room: G115 Angell Hall

Cost for entire 6 lesson series: $10 student / $20 non-student
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No partner required!

In this 6 week series, our instructors will continue on strengthening your tango basics by increasing your tango vocabulary and giving you ways to seamlessly combine the various pieces of your vocabulary. Steps learned in Advanced Beginner I will be revisited and refined.

Upon completion of Advanced Beginner II, you can choose to:
  • repeat the Advanced Beginner class series to strengthen your foundations,

  • continue learning close-embrace at our Monday class at the Grange, or

  • learn the basics of open-embrace tango in the Intermediate Series to give you another way of dancing tango.

Students are encouraged to stay after the lesson and dance with the intermediate and advanced dancers during the practica (typically from 9:30-11:30pm). Practica has a more informal and less intimidating atmosphere than the milonga. This is a good opportunity to work on your dance skills and get/give help from/to others. Dancing with more people will help improve your dancing much faster than dancing with the same person.

It is expected that the students of this class attend the milongas periodically or on regular basis to apply what has been learned in the class in the milonga setting.

Special requirement: comfortable leather-soled shoes (they don't have to be tango shoes).

Please see the schedule for the latest information on lessons and other events. If you have questions or comments, please send email to umtango@umich.edu.