Intermediate Supervised Practica
for Close Embrace Argentine Tango


Instructors: Dudhi Karsono, Vijay Namasivayam, Heather Whitehead, & others

Wednesdays, 8:00pm-9:30pm
June 2, 2004 - July 21, 2004
Room: G115 Angell Hall

Pre-requisite: Advanced Beginner Series
No partner required!

Cost for entire 8 weeks: $15 student / $25 non-student
[see membership details]

This Intermediate practica is recommended for those who have completed the Advanced Beginner series and would like to improve their close embrace skills at their own pace. For that, our instructors will be available to help you on your specific needs on a one-to-one basis. Depending on the amount of students interested in taking this class, you will be able to meet any of the instructors twice or thrice during the entire series. The days you are not on schedule you can practice on your own in the same room or join the current Advanced Beginner series to drill what you couldn't master when you took it and practice what you have learned in your one-to-one sessions.

You will need to send an email to Heather (heatherwhite3@hotmail.com) to be included in the schedule. Please state which Wednesdays within the length of the series that you prefer. The final schedule will be posted in the room where the classes are held and will also be sent to you by email. Please send your email within the first two weeks of the series to ensure your slot in the schedule.

Please see the schedule for the latest information on lessons and other events. If you have questions or comments, please send email to umtango@umich.edu.