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Winter 1 progressive 8-week lesson series (March 9th - April 27th)

See the membership page for details on pricing.
Beginners series is free this term, and that includes Grange practicas and Saturday milongas.

The eight week series of classes will be held every Wednesday at 8pm starting March 9th, 2016.

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[*]: To qualify for student status, you must be a FULL-TIME student at any college or university such as University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State University, Washtenaw Community College, etc.

[**]: Weekly Emails are sent out every Wednesday and they provide information about upcoming MATC events. Users can unsubscribe from the weekly Email list at any time.

Registration FAQ

  • Do I need a partner?

  • I've danced tango before. Which class should I take?
    Take the beginner's class first and decide if you want to move up.

  • What kind of clothes and shoes should I wear?
    Clothing: wear something comfortable. Shoes: wear something you can pivot on and that is not clunky.

  • Can I still join the beginner series if I've already missed one class?
    Yes you can.

  • Can I still join the beginner series if I've already missed 2 classes?
    It's best to wait for the next session. This is so other students can progress according to the lesson plan. We have a new series of lessons starting every 8 weeks.

  • Do I have to register for the lessons online or can I just show up on the first day?
    While it is not required, online registration enable us to quickly process your information on the first day of class. It also reserves you a spot in the class (they fill up quickly).

  • I didn't receive any confirmation about my registration.
    Our system does not allow us to send out email confirmations, but don't worry--if you've registered, we have you on our list. Just come to the first day of class.

  • Now that I've registered, how/when do I pay?
    You can pay by cash or check on the first day of class. You must be a full-time student to qualify for student prices. See the membership page for more details.