Tango in Montreal

by Dudhi Karsono

I went to Montreal in the beginning of October 2003 and referred to http://www.geocities.com/tangotravellers/ for tango place guidance during my visit there. Places visited were:
  • Monday - La Gitana
  • Wednesday - Studio Tango
  • Friday - Mylios
  • Sunday - Academie de Tango de Montreal
Excellent music at all the places visited - classics comfortable for walking and some rhythmic.

There was also a new place but I didn't have a chance to visit:

Lily's Tango Nuestro
(514) 735-7990
Every Thursday: 8pm-1am
4465 bd St.-Laurent (near Academie)

Level of dancing was very high on Salon/Nuevo style (typically danced there) and you need to ask for close embrace when dancing otherwise people will assume Salon/Nuevo embrace (slightly open).

Milonga prices range from CAN$5-$7 and the direct flight from Detroit Metro Airport is about 1.5 hours (price around US$300s).