Beginner's Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a practica?

Practice sessions are very important to drill the basic movements and iron out trouble spots so you can just flow with the music and enjoy dancing at milongas more. No formal instruction will be given at practicas. You can always ask the more experienced dancers to help you with the details of a particular step or for exercises that you can practice at home to improve your dancing. Currently we are scheduling practicas every Wednesday. The location and the times are subject to change depending on the availability of the rooms.

What is a milonga?

The word Milonga has two meanings. It means a tango dance party where people dance Argentine Tango, Tango Milonga and Tango Vals. Milonga is also a kind of tango dance where the music is a little fast paced.

Typical Milongas in Buenos Aires run from 10pm to 6am. Although at the club, our milongas usually last from 9:00pm to 01:00am. The lights are dimmed and candles are lit to give the room an intimate feeling. The music is usually played in tandas (sets of 3-4 songs). Check the etiquette link for information.

We usually have our milongas on fridays or saturdays in Michigan Union. Check the schedule for information on location and time.