Tango on the Web

General Tango Information

  • www.tejastango.com
    A very informative, un-opinionated site by Stephen Brown. It contains good tutorials on music, what to buy, how to DJ, etc. It also has an excellent list of tango clubs around the world.

  • www.totango.net
    A site by Keith Elshaw who is considered to be an authority on the music and history of the Argentine tango because of his previous career and his family connections to tango world.

  • www.planet-tango.com
    A site by Alberto Paz.

  • www.tangonoticias.com
    A publication from Chicago which contains some good articles (some are located in the archives).

Online Tango Communities

  • tangoconnections.ning.com
    Sign up, sign in, and join the MATC group. This is a good way to hear about upcoming festivals and workshops around the country.

E-mail Lists

  • dancemichigan.com
    Sign up and receive e-mail On Dance Related Activities In Michigan.

Discussion Lists

International Tango

Tango Music

  • www.tangostore.com
    An online version of Zival's tango store in Buenos Aires. A great resource for CDs, sheet music, books, etc.

  • www.classictango.com
    This contains a great collection of tango CDs for purchase.

  • milonga.co.uk
    Get advice about which CDs to buy and why.

Tango Videos

  • Tango Video Project
    A great collection of videos put together by Ann Arbor's very own James Freed.

Tango Shoes