Join the Fund


The class is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Acceptance into the fund is extremely competitive and based on an application / interview process. There are a limited number of slots available.

If you are a serious candidate willing to commit your time, hardwork, and skills to the fund, then you may reach out to Jonathan Sheets at with your questions.


Application Due Date - Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 5:00PM

Please print your resume and answers to the application questions below and staple them. Leave the application in the Tozzi Trading Floor in the MBF drop-off box.

Applicants will be notified by email if they received an interview. There are 8-10 undergraduate spots available and 7-9 graduate spots available.



The application’s goal is to evaluate how committed you are to being part of the MBF Team. There are no wrong answers, but show that you care by putting in the time. Applicants should focus on the stock analysis.



1) Is there a difference between value investing and growth investing? Explain your thoughts. Do not copy and paste off investopedia. (250 words or less)

2) Why are you interested in the Fund? Given your background and experience, what will you contribute? Do you have a sector preference or certain expertise? (250 words or less)

3) Please rate one of the stocks to Buy or Sell:


Francesca Holdings (ticker: FRAN)
Polaris Industries (ticker: PII)
Noodles and Company (ticker: NDLS)


Written response should be limited to 500 words and at minimum include an investment thesis, rationale, and some form of valuation insight. The word limit excludes any potential exhibits. Please focus your efforts on this section of the application.


4) (Optional) Provide an investment theme in the marketplace and a specific stock(s) that will benefit or be challenged by this movement. (100 words minimum)

This question is a blank canvas, and we are handing you the paintbrush. Show us your high level thinking and what you’d bring to the club. Go ahead and crank out that detailed revenue build, construct a market map, or inform us on Organic Soybean Consumption in Turkey.