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24 April 2014 | 3222 Angell Hall | 5 p.m.
Talking of Access | Brady Robinson

To some of the pioneers of Western conservation movements, there continues to be a divide between, on the one hand, protecting some of our most gorgeous backcountry lands as pure wilderness, and on the other, allowing access to such lands in an effort to bring human beings into participatory contact with what we stand to lose if we fail to protect them. Brady Robinson, as Executive Director of the Access Fund, heads the national advocacy movement in the US that aims to keep the country's public lands both open and conserved. In the vision of the Fund, the future of these beautiful lands are to be secured by the active recreation and engagement of outdoor enthusiasts who will responsibly enjoy them. In his lecture at the MCSG, Brady will talk about the making and running of the Access Fund, address its long-term conservation policies, think aloud possible avenues for taking its mission further, and invite questions from the academy and the outdoor community to discuss pragmatic means towards protection of some of our most vital natural resources and our continued access to them.

Brady Robinson is the Executive Director of the Access Fund, a national advocacy organization that keeps US climbing areas open and conserves the climbing environment, and the Chairperson of Outdoor Alliance, an organisation that protects and promotes human-powered outdoor recreation experience by uniting the voices of thousands of paddlers, mountain bikers, climbers and skiers to conserve America’s public lands. He is also a mountaineer who has travelled and climbed in many parts of the world for the better part of the the last three decades, and believes passionately in sustained environmental stewardship. Brady shares his life with his wife Lucia and their daughters Tessa and Cora.

Summer Reading Project Reviews
Several MCSG members participated i
n a summer reading project and their reviews on a variety of books related to mountaineering culture and history are now live on the site. (The reviews are permanently accessible via the bibliography page.)

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