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The Mountaineering Culture Studies Group is made possible through the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop programme at the Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan. It is also generously supported as a Special Interest Group by the university's Department of English.

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Winter 2017

26 January 2017 | 3222 Angell Hall | 4 p.m.
Mapping the “Mountains of the Mind”: Cartographies of Imaginary Peaks in the Post-Industrial Age | Katie Ives (read more)

21 March 2017 | 3154 Angell Hall | 4 p.m.
Everest, Everest and the Difficult Legacy of Jon Krakauer | Julie Rak (read more)

10 April 2017 | 3154 Angell Hall | 4 p.m.
Failsafe: Climbing the Mountains of Imagination | Helen Mort (read more)


Please address any questions to the MCSG Graduate Coordinator Amrita Dhar at amritad at umich dot edu.

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