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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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M. J. Duff State of the Unification Address
MCTP-00-02 M. Cvetic, M. J. Duff,
James T. Liu, H. Lu,
C. N. Pope, K. S. Stelle
Randall-Sundrum Brane Tensions
MCTP-00-03 G. D'Anna and Franco Nori Critical Dynamics of Burst Instabilities in the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect
MCTP-00-04 Reichhardt, Olson, Nori Wigner Crystal Dynamics
MCTP-00-05 Olson, Franco Nori Effects of Columnar and Point Defects on Magnetic Hysteresis Curves Produced by 3-dimensional Vortices in Layered Superconductors
MCTP-00-06 Y.-L. Lin and Franco Nori Feynman Path-Integral Analytical Studies of Quantum Interference for Superconducting Networks and Josephson Juncion Arrays in Magnetic Fields
MCTP-00-07 Thomas Dent CP violation and target-space modular invariance
MCTP-00-08 M. Cvetic, G.W. Gibbons, H. Lu and C.N. Pope Ricci-flat Metric, Harmonic Forms and Brane Resolutions
MCTP-00-09 R. Akhoury, H. Wang,
O. Yakovlev
Higgs Boson Production in Photon-Photon Collisions
MCTP-00-10 Oleg Yakovlev, Stefan Groote On t anti-t threshold and top quark mass definition
MCTP-00-11 A. Akhoury, H. Wang,
O. Yakovlev
On large logarithms in Higgs->gamma gamma decay
MCTP-00-12 C. Cattuto, G. Costantini,
T. Guidi, F. Marchesoni
Linear Strings in Solids
MCTP-00-13 Oleg Yakovlev On Higgs Production in photon photon Collisions [the contribution to the Linear Collider Workshop 2000,Fermilab,October 2000]
MCTP-00-14 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Arkady A. Tseytlin 3-Branes on Spaces with R x S^2 x S^3 Topology
MCTP-00-15 R.-G. Cai, J. X. Lu and Y.-S. Wu The Galilean Nature of V-duality for Noncommutative Open String and Yang-Mills Theories
MCTP-00-16 C. Cattuto, G. Costantini,
T. Guidi, F. Marchesoni
Driven Kinks in Discrete Chains: Phonon Radiation
MCTP-00-17 R.G. Cai, J. X. Lu, N. Ohta,
S. Roy, Y. S. Wu
OM Theory and V-duality
MCTP-00-18 M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons,
H. Lu, and C.N. Pope
Supersymmetric Non-singular Fractional D2-branes and NS-NS 2-branes
MCTP-00-19 C. Olson, C. Reichhardt,
B. Janko, and Franco Nori
Collective Interaction-Driven Ratchet for Transporting Flux Quanta
MCTP-00-20 S. Zaroubi (MPA), G. Squires (Caltech), G. de Gasperis (Roma), A. Evrard (UMich),
Y. Hoffman (HU), J. Silk (Oxford
Deprojection Galaxy Cluster X-ray, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Temperature Decrement and Weak Lensing Mass Maps
MCTP-00-21 John J. Bialek, August E. Evrard, Joseph J. Mohr Effects of Preheating on X-ray Scaling Relations in Galaxy Clusters
MCTP-00-22 N. Yoshida, J. Colberg, S. D. M. White, A. E. Evrard, T. J. MacFarland, H. M. P. Couchman, A. Jenkins, C. S. Frenk, F. R. Pearce, G. Efstathiou, J. A. Peacock, P. A. Thomas (The Virgo Consortium) Simulations of Deep Pencil-Beam Redshift Surveys
MCTP-00-23 G. Mark Voit, August E. Evrard, Greg L. Bryan Confusion of Diffuse Objects in the X-ray Sky
MCTP-00-24 Klaus Dolag, August Evrard, Matthias Bartelmann The temperature-mass relation in magnetized galaxy clusters


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