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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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MCTP-05-01 J. Geidt, G.L.Kane, P. Langacker, and B. Nelson Massive Neutrinos and heterotic string theory
MCTP-05-02 J. Q. You, J. S. Tsai, and Franco Nori Scalable Quantum Computing with Josephson Charge Qubits
MCTP-05-03 J. Q. You, J. S. Tsai, and Franco Nori Controllable manipulation and entanglement of macroscopic quantum states in coupled charge qubits 
MCTP-05-04 J. Q. You and Franco Nori Quantum information processing with superconducting qubits in a microwave field 
MCTP-05-05 Sergey Savel'ev, Ciro Cattuto, and Franco Nori Force-free current-induced reentrant melting of the vortex lattice in superconductors 
MCTP-05-06 J. F. Wambaugh, F. Marchesoni, and Franco Nori Shear and loading in channels: Oscillatory shearing and edge currents of superconducting vortices
MCTP-05-07 B. Y. Zhu, F. Marchesoni, V. V. Moshchalkov, and Franco Nori Controllable step motors and rectifiers of magnetic flux quanta using periodic arrays of asymmetric pinning defects 
MCTP-05-08 Sergey Savel'ev, F. Marchesoni, and Franco Nori Controlling Transport in Mixtures of Interacting Particles using Brownian Motors
MCTP-05-09 Sergey Savel'ev, Fabio Marchesoni, and Franco Nori Manipulating Small Particles in Mixtures far from Equilibrium 
MCTP-05-10 B. Y. Zhu, F. Marchesoni, and Franco Nori Controlling the Motion of Magnetic Flux Quanta
MCTP-05-11 Sergey Savel'ev, Fabio Marchesoni, Peter H䮧gi, and Franco Nori Transport via nonlinear signal mixing in ratchet devices 
MCTP-05-12 Sergey Savel'ev and Franco Nori Magnetic and mechanical buckling: Modified Landau theory approach to study phase transitions in micromagnetic disks and compressed rods 
MCTP-05-13 Sergey Savel'ev, Fabio Marchesoni, and Franco Nori Stochastic transport of interacting particles in periodically driven ratchets 
MCTP-05-14 Sergey Savel'ev, Xuedong Hu, Franco Nori Quantum electromechanics: Qubits from buckling nanobars
MCTP-05-15 P. Hanggi, F. Marchesoni, Franco Nori Brownian motors (Review for the 100th aniversary of Einstein's Annalen der Physik paper on Brownian motion)
MCTP-05-16 J. Q. You, J. S. Tsai, Franco Nori Hybridized solid-state qubit in the charge-flux regime
MCTP-05-17 L.F. Wei, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori Testing Bell's inequality in a capacitively coupled Josephson circuit
MCTP-05-18 L.F. Wei, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori Quantum computation with Josephson-qubits by using a current-biased information bus
MCTP-05-19 J. Q. You, Xuedong Hu, Franco Nori Correlation-induced suppression of decoherence in capacitively coupled Cooper-pair boxes
MCTP-05-20 Yu-xi Liu, L.F. Wei, Franco Nori Tomographic measurements on superconducting qubit states
MCTP-05-21 Yu-xi Liu, L.F. Wei, Franco Nori Preparation of Schrodinger cat states of a cavity field via coupling to a SQUID-based charge qubit
MCTP-05-22 L.F. Wei, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori Coupling Josephson qubits via a current-biased information bus
MCTP-05-23 Yu-xi Liu, L.F. Wei, Franco Nori Generation of nonclassical photon states using a superconducting qubit in a microcavity
MCTP-05-24 Yu-xi Liu, L.F. Wei, Franco Nori Quantum tomography for solid state qubits
MCTP-05-25 G. D'Anna, P. Mayor, A. Barrat, V. Loreto, Franco Nori Observing Brownian motion in vibration-fluidized granular matter (also Nature's Cover Story)
MCTP-05-26 J. Q. You, Y. Nakamura, Franco Nori Fast two-bit operations in inductively coupled flux qubits
MCTP-05-27 L. F. Wei, Y.-x. Liu, and Franco Nori Engineering quantum pure states of a trapped cold ion beyond the Lamb-Dicke limit
MCTP-05-28 J. Q. You and Franco Nori Quantum information processing with superconducting qubits in a microwave field
MCTP-05-29 Savel'ev S, Marchesoni F, Hanggi P, and Nori Franco Signal mixing in a ratchet device: commensurability and current control
MCTP-05-32 L.F. Wei and Franco Nori Coherently manipulating two-qubit quantum information using a pair of simultaneous laser pulses 
MCTP-05-33 Yu-xi Liu, J.Q. You, L.F. Wei, C.P. Sun, Franco Nori Optical selection rules and phase-dependent adiabatic state control in a superconducting quantum circuit
MCTP-05-34 L.F. Wei and Franco Nori An efficient single-step scheme for manipulating quantum information of two trapped ions beyond the Lamb-Dicke limit
MCTP-05-35 L.F. Wei, and Franco Nori Quantum phase estimation algorithms with delays: effects of dynamical phases
MCTP-05-36 J.E. Villegas, S. Savel'ev, Franco Nori, E.M. Gonzalez, J.V. Anguita, R. Garcia, J.L. Vicent A superconducting reversible rectifier that controls the motion of magnetic flux quanta 
MCTP-05-37 J. Q. You and Franco Nori Cooper-pair-box qubits in a quantum electrodynamic cavity
MCTP-05-38 F. Marchesoni, B.Y. Zhu, and Franco Nori Anomalous interstitial dynamics, Stokes' drift, and current inversion in AC-driven vortex lattices in superconductors with arrays of asymmetric double-well traps 
MCTP-05-40 S. Savel'ev and Franco Nori Experimentally realizable devices for controlling the motion of magnetic flux quanta in anisotropic superconductors 
MCTP-05-41 Michael Duff Ten big questions
MCTP-05-42 M. Battaglia, A. Datta, A. De Roeck, K. Kong, K. T. Matchev Contrasting Supersymmetry and Universal Extra Dimensions at the CLIC Multi-TeV e+e- Collider
MCTP-05-43 M. J. Duff MCTP Director's Summary 2000-2004
MCTP-05-44 Katherine Freese, James T. Liu, and Douglas Spolyar Inflating with the QCD Axion
MCTP-05-45 Andrew Pawl, August E. Evrard, Renato A. Dupke Detecting Intracluster Gas Motion in Galaxy Clusters: Mock Astro-E2 Observations
MCTP-05-46 Manuel Toharia, James D. Wells Gluino decays with heavier scalar superpartners
MCTP-05-47 B. Dubetsky and P. R. Berman, "λ/8-period optical potentials, lambda/8-period optical potentials,
MCTP-05-48 P. R. Berman, "Goos-H䮣hen shift in negatively refractive media Goos-H䮣hen shift in negatively refractive media
MCTP-05-49 A. Zh. Muradyan, A. A. Poghosyan, and P. R. Berman Theory of a compound, large angle atom beam splitter
MCTP-05-50 A. Dantan, M. Pinard, V. Josse, N. Nayak, and P. R. Berman Atomic spin squeezing in a Λ system
MCTP-05-51 A. Dantan, M. Pinard, and P. R. Berman EIT-assisted atomic squeezing
MCTP-05-52 G. Genes, P. R. Berman, and A. G. Rojo Spin squeezing via atom - cavity field coupling
MCTP-05-53 B. K. Teo, D. Feldbaum, T. Cubel, J. R. Guest, P. R. Berman, and G. Raithel Autler-Townes spectroscopy of the 5S1/2-5P3/2-44D cascade of cold 85Rb atoms,
MCTP-05-54 P. R. Berman Comment on 'Spontaneous-emission suppression on arbitrary atomic transitions
MCTP-05-55 P. R. Berman and P. Milonni Microscopic theory of modified spontaneous emission in a dielectric
MCTP-05-56 P. R. Berman Causality in field emission from an atomic dipole
MCTP-05-57 S. A. Malinovskaya, P. H. Bucksbaum, and P. R. Berman Theory of selective excitation in stimulated Raman scattering
MCTP-05-58 S. A. Malinovskaya, P. H. Bucksbaum, and P. R. Berman On the role of coupling in mode selective excitation using ultrafast pulse shaping in stimulated Raman spectroscopy
MCTP-05-59 P. R. Berman Is negative refraction, perfect focusing compatible with quantum mechanics?
MCTP-05-60 P. R. Berman and R. G. Brewer Coherent transient spectroscopy in atomic and molecular vapors
MCTP-05-61 A. Zh. Muradyan, G. A. Muradyan, and P. R. Berman Theory of a compound large-angle beam splitter. II. Initial state deflection
MCTP-05-62 P. R. Berman and P. Milonn Atom-field interactions with a frequency dependent reservoir
MCTP-05-63 P. R. Berman and Ruwang Sung Electrostatic potential of a unifomly charged conducting plane deformed to include a spherical cup
MCTP-05-64 P. R. Berman and Ross C. O'Connell Constraints on dephasing widths and shifts in three level quantum systems
MCTP-05-65 AseshKrishna Datta, Lisa Everett, Pierre Ramond Cabibbo Haze in Lepton Mixing
MCTP-05-66 Brooks Thomas Requirements to Detect the Monoenergetic Photon Signature of Thermal Cold Dark Matter In PeV-Scale Supersymmetry
MCTP-05-67 J. P. Krisch and E. N. Glass Energy Transport in the Vaidya System
MCTP-05-68 Per Kraus and Finn Larsen Attractors and Black Rings
MCTP-05-69 D. A. Demir, G. L. Kane, T. T. Wang The minimal U(1)' extension of the MSSM
MCTP-05-70 G.L. Kane, S. F. King, I. N. R. Peddie and L. Velasco-Sevilla Study of theory and phenomenology of some classes of family symmetry and unification models
MCTP-05-71 G.L. Kane, S. F. King, I. N. R. Peddie and L. Velasco-Sevilla Study of theory and phenomenology of some classes of family symmetry and unification models
MCTP-05-72 J.L. Bourjaily, G.L. Kane, P. Kumar, T.T. Wang Outside the mSUGRA Box
MCTP-05-73 B. Burrington, J. T. Liu, M. Mahato and L. A. Pando Zayas Towards Supergravity Duals of Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Sasaki-Einstein Cascading Quiver Theories
MCTP-05-74 Jason Kumar and Arvind Rajaraman High-Energy Scattering in Non-Commutative Field Theory
MCTP-05-75 Sergey Savel'ev, A. L. Rakhmanov, and Franco Nori Using Josephson Vortex Lattices to Control Terahertz Radiation: Tunable Transparency and Terahertz Photonic Crystals 
MCTP-05-76 Dejan Stojkovic, Katherine Freese and Glenn D. Starkman Holes in the walls: primordial black holes as a solution to the cosmological domain wall problem
MCTP-05-77 Joshua L. Davis, Finn Larsen, Nathan Seiberg Heterotic Strings in Two Dimensions and New Stringy Phase Transitions
MCTP-05-78 Dejan Stojkovic and Glenn Starkman Why black hole production in scattering of cosmic ray neutrinos is generically suppressed
MCTP-05-79 I. Kirsch, D. Vaman The D3/D7 background and flavor dependence of Regge trajectories
MCTP-05-80 Martin B Einhorn and Manavendra Mahato Beyond the Horizon
MCTP-05-81 Finn Larsen Entropy of Thermally Excited Black Rings
MCTP-05-82 L. Anguelova, D. Vaman $R^4$ Corrections to Heterotic M-theory
MCTP-05-83 Jason Kumar and James D. Wells Surveying Standard Model Flux Vacua on $T^6 /Z_2 \times Z_2$
MCTP-05-84 L. Pando Zayas, D. Vaman Condensing Momentum Modes in 2-d 0A String Theory
MCTP-05-85 Lilia Anguelova, Paul de Medeiros and Annamaria Sinkovics Topological membrane theory from Mathai-Quillen formalism
MCTP-05-86 Per Kraus and Finn Larsen Microscopic Black Hole Entropy in Theories with Higher Derivatives
MCTP-05-87 M. Battaglia, Asesh K. Datta, A. De Roeck, K. Kong, K. T. Matchev Contrasting Supersymmetry and Universal Extra Dimensions at Colliders
MCTP-05-88 Asesh K. Datta, Kyoungchul Kong and Konstantin T. Matchev The impact of beamstrahlung on precision measurements of new physics at CLIC
MCTP-05-89 Katherine Freese The Dark Side of the Universe
MCTP-05-90 Dejan Stojkovic, Fred C. Adams and Glenn Starkman Information-preserving black holes still do not preserve baryon number and other effective global quantum numbers
MCTP-05-91 Robert Schabinger, James Wells A Minimal Spontaneously Broken Hidden Sector and its Impact on Higgs Boson Physics at the LHC
MCTP-05-92 Marcus Spradlin, Tadashi Takayanagi, Anastasia Volovich String Theory in Beta Deformed Spacetimes
MCTP-05-93 Aseshkrishna Datta, Kyoungchul Kong, Konstantin T. Matchev Discrimination of Supersymmetry and Universal Extra Dimensions at Hadron Colliders
MCTP-05-94 Katherine Freese, James T. Liu and Douglas Spolyar Devaluation: a dynamical mechanism for a naturally small cosmological constant
MCTP-05-95 AseshKrishna Datta, Gordon L. Kane and Manuel Toharia Is it SUSY?
MCTP-05-96 Chris Savage, Katherine Freese, Paolo Gondolo, Heidi Jo Newberg New Models for a Triaxial Milky Way Spheroid and Effect on the Microlensing Optical Depth to the Large Magellanic Cloud
MCTP-05-97 Sergio Benvenuti, Manavendra Mahato, Y. Tachikawa and Leopoldo A, Pando Zayas The Gauge/Gravity Theory of Blown up Four Cycles
MCTP-05-98 B. Thomas, M. Toharia Phenomenology of Dirac Neutrinogenesis in Split Supersymmetry
MCTP-05-99 F. Canoura, J.D. Edelstein, L.A. Pando Zayas, A.V. Ramallo, D. Vaman Supersymmetric Branes on AdS_5 X Y^{p,q} and their Field Theory Duals
MCTP-05-100 Diana Vaman, York-Peng Yao Gluon recursion relations from the largest time equation
MCTP-05-101 David Morrissey, James Wells The tension between gauge coupling unification, the Higgs boson mass, and a gauge-breaking origin of the supersymmetric mu-term
MCTP-05-102 Benjamin A. Burrington and James T. Liu Spinning strings in AdS_5 x S^5: A worldsheet perspective
MCTP-05-103 Nima Arkani-Hamed, Gordon L. Kane, Jesse Thaler, and Liantao Wang Supersymmetry and the LHC Inverse Problem
MCTP-05-104 S. Benvenuti, L.A. Pando Zayas and Y. Tachikawa Triangle Anomalies from Einstein Manifolds
MCTP-05-105 Robert McNees A New Boundary Counterterm for Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes
MCTP-05-106 Freddy Cachazo, Marcus Spradlin, Anastasia Volovich A Note On The Iterative Structure Of Loop Amplitudes
MCTP-05-107 Katherine Freese Cardassian expansion: Dark energy density from modified Friedmann equations
MCTP-05-108 Katherine Freese, Douglas Spolyar Chain inflation: 'Bubble bubble toil and trouble'
MCTP-05-109 J. P. Krisch A Fractionally Bounded Gott-Hiscock String
MCTP-05-110 J. P. Krisch and E. N. Glass Energy Transport in the Vaidya System
MCTP-05-111 Busha, M.T., Evrard, A.E. Adams, F.C. and Wechsler, R.H 2005, The Ultimate Halo Mass in a LCDM Universe, Monthly Notices Royal Astron. Soc., 363, L11.
MCTP-05-112 Pawl, A., Evrard, A.E. and Dupke, R.A., 2005, Detecting Intracluster Gas Motion in Galaxy Clusters: Mock Astro-E2 Observations, Astrophys. J., 631, 773.
MCTP-05-113 Springel, V., White, S.D.M., Jenkins, A., Frenk, C.S., Yoshida, N., Gao, L., Navarro, J., Thacker , R., Croton, D., Helly,,J., Peacock , J.A., Cole, S., Thomas, P., Couchman , H. Evrard, A., Colberg, J., Pearce, F., 2005, Simulating the Joint Evolution of Quasars, Galaxies and Their Large-scale Distribution, Nature, 435, 629.

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