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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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Preprint Number Author(s) Title
MCTP-08-01 Edward Timko Angular Correlations among the Leptons in Polarized ZZ to 4 Lepton Decays
MCTP-08-02 Nemanja Kaloper and Scott Watson Geometric Precipices in String Cosmology
MCTP-08-04 B.Acharya, K. Bobkov, G.L. Kane, P. Kumar, J. Shao The G2-MSSM - A Well Motivated Model from M-Theory
MCTP-08-05 Jason Kumar, Arvind Rajaraman, James D. Wells Probing CP-violation at colliders through interference effects in diboson production and decay
MCTP-08-06 Timothy Cohen and Aaron Pierce Testing U(1) Solution to the Mu Problem
MCTP-08-07 Katherine Freese, Matthew G. Brown, William H. Kinney The Phanton Bounce: A New Proposal for an Oscillating Cosmology
MCTP-08-08 Cosimo Bambi and Katherine Freese Dangerous Implications of a Minimum Length in Quantum Gravity
MCTP-08-09 Yanou Cui and David Morrissey

Non-Thermal Dark Matter from Cosmic Strings

MCTP-08-10 Katherine Freese, Christopher Savage, William H. Kinney Natural Inflation: The Status after WMAP 3-year data
MCTP-08-11 Katherine Freese, Douglas Spolyar, Anthony Aguirre Dark Matter Capture in the first star: A Power source and a limit on Stellar Mass
MCTP-08-12 Bobby S. Acharya, Piyush Kumar, Konstantin Bobkov, Gordon Kane, Jing Shao, Scott Watson Non-thermal Dark Matter and the Moduli Problem in String Frameworks.
MCTP-08-13 Eung Jin Chun, Jason L. Evans, David E. Morrissey, James D. Wells

Higgs Boson Exempt No-Scale Supersymmetry with a Neutrino Seesaw:  Implications for Lepton Flavor Violation and Leptogenesis

MCTP-08-14 A. Menon, Arun N.Thalapillil Interaction of Dirac and Majorana Neutrinos with Weak Gravitational Fields


Maruskin, J. M., Scheeres, D. J., Adams, F. C., and Bloch, A. M.

The Eccentric Frame Decomposition of Central Force Fields
MCTP-08-16 Adams, F. C., and Bloch, A. M. Hill's Equation with Random Forcing Terms



Adams, F. C., Laughlin, G., and Bloch, A. M. Turbulence in Extrasolar Planetary Systems Implies that Mean Motion Resonances are Rare
MCTP-08-18 Y.P. Bliokh, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori Electron beam instability in left-handed media
MCTP-08-19 J.Q. You, X. Hu, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
Comment on: "Introducing the Transmon: a new superconducting qubit from optimizing the Cooper Pair Box"
MCTP-08-20 A. Tonomura, F. Nori
Disturbance without the force
MCTP-08-21 S. Ashhab, J.R. Johansson, A.M. Zagoskin, F. Nori
Single-artificial-atom lasing and its suppression by strong pumping
MCTP-08-22 H. Ian, Z.R. Gong, Y.-x. Liu, C.P. Sun, F. Nori
Cavity optomechanical coupling assisted by an atomic gas
MCTP-08-23 L. Zhou, Z.R. Gong, Y.-x. Liu, C.P. Sun, F. Nori
Controllable scattering of photons inside a one-dimensional resonator waveguide
MCTP-08-24 K. Maruyama, F. Nori
Entanglement purification using natural spin chain dynamics and single spin measurements
MCTP-08-25 S. Savel'ev, A.O. Sboychakov, A.L. Rakhmanov, F. Nori
Nonlocal macroscopic quantum tunneling and quantum terahertz electrodynamics in layered superconductors: Theory and simulations
MCTP-08-26 D.I. Tsomokos, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
Fully-connected network of superconducting qubits in a cavity
MCTP-08-27 T. Yamamoto, M. Watanabe, J.Q. You, Yu.A. Pashkin, O. Astafiev, Y. Nakamura, F. Nori, J.S. Tsai
Spectroscopy of superconducting charge qubits coupled by a Josephson inductance
MCTP-08-28 L.F. Wei, J.R. Johansson, L.X. Cen, S. Ashhab, F. Nori
Controllable coherent population transfers in superconducting qubits for quantum computing
MCTP-08-29 A.L. Rakhmanov, A.M. Zagoskin, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
Quantum metamaterials: Electromagnetic waves in a Josephson qubit line
MCTP-08-30 J.Q. You, Y.-x. Liu, F. Nori
Simultaneous cooling of an artificial atom and its neighboring quantum system
MCTP-08-31 K. Maruyama, F. Nori, V. Vedral
Physics of Maxwell's demon and information
MCTP-08-32 K.Yu. Bliokh, Yu.P. Bliokh, V. Freilikher, S. Savel'ev, F. Nori
Unusual resonators: Plasmonics, metamaterials, and random media
MCTP-08-33 S. Ashhab, A.O. Niskanen, K. Harrabi, Y. Nakamura, T. Picot, P.C. de Groot, C.J.P.M. Harmans, J.E. Mooij, F. Nori
Interqubit coupling mediated by a high-excitation-energy quantum object
MCTP-08-34 J.R. Johansson, L.G. Mourokh, A.Yu. Smirnov, F. Nori
Enhancing the conductance of a two-electron quantum shuttle
MCTP-08-35 A. Frieman, M.S. Turner and D. Huterer Dark Energy and the Acceerating Universe
MCTP-08-36 G. Zhao, D. Huterer and X. Zhang High-resolution temporal constraints on the dynamics of dark energy

N. Dalal, O. Dore, D. Huterer and A. Shirokov

The imprints of primordial non-gaussianities on large-scale structure: scale dependent bias and abundance of virialized objects
MCTP-08-38 E. S. Voges, M. S. Oey, R. A. M. Walterbos, & T. M. Wilkinson A Reexamination of Observed and Predicted Stellar Ionizing Fluxes in the Large Magellanic Cloud
MCTP-08-39 E. Gimon, F. Larsen, and J. Simon Black Holes in Supergravity: the non-BPS branch
MCTP-08-40 A. Castro, J. Davis, F. Larsen, and P. Kraus String Theory Effects on Five-Dimensional Black Hole Physics
MCTP-08-41 Wei Zhang, G.-D. Lin, L.-M. Duan BCS-BEC Crossover of a Quasi-two-dimensional Fermi Gas: the Significance of Dressed Molecules
MCTP-08-42 G.-D. Lin, Wei Zhang, L.-M. Duan Characteristics of Bose-Einstein condensation in an optical lattice

M. Raidal et al

Flavour physics of leptons and dipole moments
MCTP-08-44 Gordon L. Kane, Alexey A. Petrov, Jing Shao and Lian-Tao Wang Initial determination of the spin of the gluino and squark at LHC
MCTP-08-45 M. Artuso, B. Meadows, A. Petrov Charm Meson Decays
MCTP-08-46 C. Bambi, A. Dolgov, A. Petrov Primordial black holes and the obvserved Galactic 511-keV line
MCTP-08-47 M. Carena, A. Menon, C.E. Wagner Interplay between B physics constraints and dark matter searches
MCTP-08-48 Diana Vaman and Y.P.- Yao Space-Cone Gauge, Lorentz invariance on-shell recursion for one loop Yang-Mills Amplitudes
MCTP-08-49 Diana Vaman and Y.P.- Yao Analytic Scattering Amplitudes for QCD
MCTP-08-50 Hai Lin Kac-Moody Extensions of 3-Algebras and M2-branes
MCTP-08-51 Kentaro Hanaki and Hai Lin M2-M5 Systems in N=6 Chern-Simons Theory
MCTP-08-52 James T. Liu and Phillip Szepietowski Higher derivative corrections to R-charged AdS_5 black holes and field redefinitions
MCTP-08-53 James T. Liu and Wafic A. Sabra

Hamilton-Jacobi Counterterms for Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity

MCTP-08-54 Phill Grajek, Gordon Kane, Daniel J. Phalen, Aaron Pierce, and Scott Watson Neutralino Dark Matter from Indirect Detection Revisited
MCTP-08-55 David E. Morrissey and Aaron T. Pierce Light Pseudoscalars and LHC Higgs Signatures in the NMSSM with Gauge or Gaugino Mediation
MCTP-08-56 De-fu Hou, James T. Liu and Hai-cang Ren Partition Function of a Wilson Loop in a Strongly Coupled N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma with Fluctuations
MCTP-08-57 Ibrahima Bah, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Cesar A. Terrero-Escalante Holographic Geometric Entropy at Finite Temperature from Black Holes in Global AdS Spaces
MCTP-08-58 Spencer Chang, Aaron Pierce and Neal Weiner Using the Energy Spectrum at DAMA/LIBRA to Probe Light Dark Matter

Christopher Savage, Graciela Gelmini, Paolo Gondolo, Katherine Freese

Compatibility of DAMA/LIBRA dark matter detection with other searches
MCTP-08-60 Timothy Cohen, David E. Morrissey and Aaron Pierce
Changes in Dark Matter Properties After Freeze-Out
MCTP-08-61 A. Farmany, S. Abbasi and A. Naghipour Correction to the Higher Dimensional Black Hole Entropy
MCTP-08-62 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Vincent G. J. Rodgers and Kory Stiffler Luscher Term for k-string Potential from Holographic One-loop Corrections
MCTP-08-63 Benjamin A. Burrington and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas Coulomb Phase Gluon Scattering at Strong Coupling
MCTP-08-64 Thomas Flacke, Arjun Menon and Daniel J. Phalen Non-minimal Universal Extra Dimensions
MCTP-08-65 Sunghoon Jung, James D. Wells Comparison of EDM and LHC for probing CP violation in triple boson vertices
MCTP-08-66 Abbas Farmany, Roshanak Lotfikar, Shahryar Abbasi, Ali Naghipour, Amin Farmany Non-commutative geometry and matrix quantum mechanics
MCTP-08-67 Jason L. Evans, David E. Morrissey, and James D. Wells Vacuum Stability with Tachyonic Boundary Higgs Masses in No-Scale Supersymmetry or Gaugino Mediation

Sera Cremonini, Kentaro Hanaki, James T. Liu, Phillip Szepietowski

Black holes in five-dimensional gauged supergravity with higher derivatives

MCTP-08-69 Phill Grajek, Gordon Kane, Daniel Phalen, Aaron Pierce, Scott Watson

Is the PAMELA Positron Excess Winos?

MCTP-08-70 Rykoff, E. S.; McKay, T. A.; Becker, M. R.; Evrard, A.; Johnston, D. E.; Koester, B. P.; Rozo, E.; Sheldon, E. S.; Wechsler, R. H. Measuring the Mean and Scatter of the X-Ray Luminosity--Optical Richness Relation for maxBCG Galaxy Clusters, Astrophys. J., 675, 1106.
MCTP-08-71 Nord, B.; Stanek, R.; Rasia, E.; Evrard, A.E. Effects of Selection and Covariance on X-ray Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters, Monthly Notices Royal Astron Soc, 381, 10.
MCTP-08-72 Evrard, A.E., Bialek, J., Busha, M., White, M., Habib, S., Heitmann, K., Warren, M., Rasia, E., Tormen, G., Moscardini, L., Power, C., Jenkins, A.R., Gao, L., Frenk, C.S., Springel, V.,White, S. D. M., and Diemand, J. Virial Scaling of Massive Dark Matter Halos: Why Clusters Prefer a High Normalization
Cosmology, Astrophys. J., 672, 122.
MCTP-08-73 Rykoff, E. S.; Evrard, A.E.; McKay, T.A.; Becker, M.R.; Johnston, D.E.; Koester, B.P.; Nord, B.; Rozo, E.; Sheldon, E.S.; Stanek, R.; Wechsler, R.H., The Lx-M Relation of Clusters of Galaxies, Monthly Notices Royal Astron Soc, 387, 28.
MCTP-08-74 Rozo, E.; Wechsler, R.H.; Koester, B.P.; Evrard, A.E.; McKay, T.A. Optically-Selected Cluster Catalogs as a Precision Cosmology Tool, Astrophys.
J., submitted, (astro-ph/0703574).
MCTP-08-75 Rozo, E.; Wechsler, R.H.; Koester, B.P.; Evrard, A.E.; McKay, T.A.; Johnston, D.; Sheldon, E.S.; Annis, J.; Frieman, J.A. Cosmological Constraints from SDSS maxBCG Cluster Abundances, Astrophys. J., submitted, (astroph/0703571).
MCTP-08-76 Johnston, D.E.; Sheldon, E.S.; Wechsler, R.H.; Rozo, E.; Koester, B.P.; Frieman, J.A.; McKay, T.A.; Evrard, A.E.; Becker, M.R.; Annis, J. Crosscorrelation Weak Lensing of SDSS Galaxy Clusters II: Cluster Density Profiles
and the Mass-Richness Relation, Astrophys. J., submitted, (arXiv.org:0709.1159).
MCTP-08-77 Rozo, E.; Rykoff, E.S.; Evrard, A.; Becker, M.; McKay, T.; Wechsler, R.H.;Koester, B.P.; Hao, J.; Hansen, S.; Sheldon, E.; Johnston, D.; Annis, J.; Frieman,J. Constraining the Scatter in the Mass-Richness Relation of maxBCG Clusters With Weak Lensing and X-ray Data, Astrophys. J., submitted, (arXiv.org:0809.2794)
MCTP-08-78 Rozo, E.; Rykoff, E.S.; Koester, B.P.; McKay, T.; Hao, J.; Evrard, A.; Wechsler,R.H.; Hansen, S.; Sheldon, E.; Johnston, D.; Becker, M.; Annis, J.; Bleem, L.; Scranton, R. An Improved Cluster Richness Estimator, Astrophys. J.,submitted, (arXiv.org:0809.2797)
MCTP-08-79 Katherine Freese, Peter Bodenheimer, Douglas Spolyar, Paolo Gondolo Stellar Structure of Dark Stars: a first phase of Stellar Evolution due to Dark Matter Annihilation
MCTP-08-80 Katherine Freese, Douglas Spolyar, Anthony Aguirre, Peter Bodenheimer, Paolo Gondolo, J.A. Sellwood, Naoki Yoshida Dark Stars: Dark Matter in the First Stars leads to a New Phase of Stellar Evolution
MCTP-08-81 Katherine Freese, Douglas Spolyar and Paolo Gondolo The Effect of Dark Matter on the First Stars: A New Phase of Stellar Evolution
MCTP-08-82 Christopher Savage, Katherine Freese and Paolo Gondolo Annual modulation of dark matter in the presence of streams
MCTP-08-83 Amjad Ashoorioon and Katherine Freese Gravity Waves from Chain Inflation
MCTP-08-84 Cosimo Bambi, Douglas Spolyar, Alexander Dolgov, Katherine Freese and Marta Volonteri Implications of primordial black holes on the first stars and the origin of the super-massive black holes

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