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MCTP Annual Report 2009-2010
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P. Nath, B.D. Nelson et al  w/ MCTP Contributions from D. Feldman, G. Kane and K. Zurek

The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider

Timothy Cohen, Daniel J. Phalen and Aaron Pierce

On the Correlation Between the Spin-Independent and Spin-Dependent Direct Detection of Dark Matter

MCTP-10-02 J. Jottar, R. Leigh, D. Minic and  L. A. Pando Zayas

Aging and Holography


Daniel Feldman, Gordon Kane, Ran Lu, and Brent D. Nelson

Dark Matter as a Guide Toward a Light Gluino at the LHC
MCTP-10-04 Daniel Feldman, Zuowei Liu, and Pran Nath Low Mass Neutralinos Dark Matter in the MSSM with constraints from  $B_s\to \mu^+\mu^-$ and Higgs Search Limits
MCTP-10-05 David Garfinkle and  Edward  Glass Killing Tensors and Symmetries

A. Liam Fitzpatrick, Dan Hooper, Kathryn M. Zurek

Implications of CoGeNT and DAMA for Light WIMP Dark
MCTP-10-07 Eric Kuflik, Aaron Pierce, Kathryn M. Zurek Light WIMPs: Largest Detection Cross-Section in the MSSM
MCTP-10-08 Minjoon Park, Scott Watson, and Kathryn Zurek A Unied Approach to Cosmic Acceleration
MCTP-10-09 Timothy Cohen, Eric Kuflik, and Kathryn M. Zurek Extracting the Dark Matter Mass from Single Stage Cascade Decays at the LHC
MCTP-10-10 Henriette Elvang, Daniel Z. Freedman and Michael Kiermaier A simple approach to counterterms in N=8 supergravity
MCTP-10-11 Kenji Kadota, Katherine Freese, Paolo Gondolo Positrons in Cosmic Rays from Dark Matter Annihilations for Uplifted Higgs Regions in MSSM
MCTP-10-12 Kentaro Hanaki and Yutaka Ookouchi Light Gauginos and Conformal Sequestering

Simon Catterall and Greg van Anders

First Results from Lattice Simulation of the PWMM
MCTP-10-14 James T. Liu, Phillip Szepietowski, and Zhichen Zhao Consistent massive truncations of IIB supergravity on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds

Daniel Feldman, Zuowei Liu ,Pran Nath, and Gregory Peim

Multicomponent Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Hidden Sector Extensions

MCTP-10-16 Chang, S., Liu, J., Pierce, A., Weiner, N. and Yavin, I. CoGeNT Interpretations
MCTP-10-17 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Cesar A. Terrero-Escalante Chaos in the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence
MCTP-10-18 Timothy Cohen, Daniel J. Phalen, Aaron Pierce, and Kathryn M. Zurek Asymmetric Dark Matter from a GeV Hidden Sector
MCTP-10-19 James T. Liu and C.N. Pope Inconsistency of Breathing Mode Extensions of Maximal Five-Dimensional Supergravity Embedding
MCTP-10-20 Finn Larsen and Greg van Anders Holographic Non-Fermi Liquids and the Luttinger Theorem
MCTP-10-21 E. Caceres, M. Mahato, L. A. Pando Zayas and V.J.G. Rodgers Toward NS5 Branes on the Resolved Cone over Y(p,q)

Bobby Samir Acharya, Gordon Kane, and Eric Kuflik

String Moduli Phenomenology, Cosmological History, Supersymmetry Breaking, and Dark Matter
MCTP-10-23 Lilia Anguelova, Finn Larsen, Ross O'Connell

Heterotic Flux Attractors

MCTP-10-24 Kenji Kadota, Joern Kersten, Liliana Velasco-Sevilla Supersymmetric Musings on the Predictivity of Family Symmetries
MCTP-10-25 Henriette Elvang and Michael Kiermaier Stringy KLT relations, global symmetries, and E_7(7)-violation
MCTP-10-26 Sunghoon Jung, James D. Wells Low-scale warped extra dimension and its predilection for multiple top quarks
MCTP-10-27 A. Liam Fitzpatrick, Kathryn M. Zurek The DAMA-CoGeNT Puzzle and Velocity Dependent Cross-Sections
MCTP-10-28 Jessie Shelton, Kathryn M. Zurek



Daniel Feldman and Gordon Kane  [in Perspectives on supersymmetry II (pub.  April 2010)]

A Wino-Like LSP World: Theoretical and Phenomenological Motivations
MCTP-10-30 Pearl Sandick, Juerg Diemand, Katherine Freese, and Douglas Spolyar Black Holes in our Galactic Halo: Compatibility with FGST and PAMELA  Data and Constraints on the First Stars
MCTP-10-31 Cosmin Ilie, Katherine Freese, and Douglas Spolyar Dark Stars and Boosted Dark Matter Annihilation Rates

Katherine Freese, Eduardo Ruiz, Monica Valluri, Cosmin Ilie, Douglas Spolyar, Peter Bodenheimer

Supermassive Dark Stars: Detectable in JWST and HST
MCTP-10-33 C. Savage, G. Gelmini, P. Gondolo, and K. Freese XENON10/100 dark matter constraints in comparison with CoGeNT and DAMA: examining the Leff dependence
MCTP-10-34 K. Freese, C. Ilie, D. Spolyar, M. Valluri, and P. Bodenheimer Supermassive Dark Stars: Detectable in JWST

P. Sandick, D. Spolyar, M. Buckley, K. Freese, D. Hooper

The Sensitivity of the IceCube Neutrino Detector to Dark Matter Annihilating in Dwarf Galaxies

MCTP-10-36 S. Mandic, M. Buckley, K. Freese, D. Spolyar, and H. Murayama

Cascade Events at IceCube+DeepCore as a Definitive Constraint on the Dark Matter Interpretation of the PAMELA and Fermi Anomalies.

MCTP-10-37 C. Bambi, K. Freese, T. Harada, R. Takahashi, N. Yoshida

Accretion process onto super-spinning objects

MCTP-10-38 C. Bambi, K. Freese, and R. Takahashi Is the Carter-Israel conjecture correct?

E. N. Glass

Gravothermal Catastrophe, an Example (arXiv:1008.0448)

Niklas Beisert, Henriette Elvang, Daniel Z. Freedman, Michael Kiermaier, Alejandro Morales, Stephan Stieberger

E7(7) constraints on counterterms in N=8 supergravity
MCTP-10-41 L. Covi, M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski, K. Turzynski, J.D. Wells Supersymmetric mass spectra for gravitino dark matter with a high reheating temperature
MCTP-10-42 Eric Kuflik and Joseph Marsano Comments on Flipped SU(5) (and F-theory)
MCTP-10-43 Minjoon Park Quantum Aspects of Massive Gravity
MCTP-10-44 Adam Becker, Dragan Huterer, Kenji Kadota Scale-Dependent Non-Gaussianity as a Generalization of the Local Model
MCTP-10-45 James T. Liu, Phillip Szepietowski, Zhichen Zhao Supersymmetric massive truncations of IIb supergravity on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds
MCTP-10-46 Timothy Cohen, Henriette Elvang, Michael Kiermaier On-shell Constructibility of Tree Amplitudes in General Field Theories
MCTP-10-47 Ning Chen, Daniel Feldman, Zuowei Liu, Pran Nath,and Gregory Peim

Higgsino dark matter model consistent with galactic cosmic ray data and  possibility of discovery at LHC-7

MCTP-10-48 Bobby Samir Acharya, Gordon Kane, and Eric Kuflik String Theories with Moduli Stabilization Imply Non-Thermal Cosmological History, and Particular Dark Matter

Ning Chen, Daniel Feldman, Zuowei Liu, Pran Nath,and Gregory Peim

Low Mass Gluino within the Sparticle Landscape, Implications for Dark Matter, and Early Discovery Prospects at LHC-7

MCTP-10-50 James T. Liu and Ruben Minasian Computing 1/N^2 corrections in AdS/CFT
MCTP-10-51 Baris Altunkaynak, Lisa E. Everett, Ian-Woo Kim, Brent D. Nelson and Yongyan Rao Landscape of Supersymmetric Particle Mass Hierarchies in Minimal Supergravity and Deflected Mirage Mediation Models

Samuel McDermott, Hai-Bo Yu, Kathryn M. Zurek

Turning Off the Lights: How Dark is Dark Matter?

MCTP-10-53 Minjoon Park Quantum Aspects of Massive Gravity II: Non-Pauli-Fierz Theory

Benjamin Burrington and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas

Wilson Loop Correlator from Integrability in Global AdS
MCTP-10-55 Ibrahima Bah, Alberto Faraggi, Juan I. Jottar, Robert G. Leigh, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas Fermions and D=11 Supergravity On Squashed Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds
MCTP-10-56 Henriette Elvang, Daniel Z. Freedman, Michael Kiermaier SUSY Ward identities, Superamplitudes, and Counterterms (Invited review for a special issue of  Journal of Physics A devoted to  "Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories")
MCTP-10-57 James T. Liu, Wafic Sabra, and Zhichen Zhao Holographic c-theorems and higher derivative gravity

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